TVGB: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Review

TVGB writes: "You've got to start wondering if you're pushing your luck really. In 2002, you release a great new platformer that both kids and adults love, with a sequel coming the following year, and again the year after that. Before you know it, it's 2009 and you're pushing your 7th Ratchet & Clank game out the door, 9th if you include PSP spin-offs.

It's getting to the point now where we're starting to wonder if another simple revised and tweaked Ratchet game is going to cut it anymore. We all welcomed the buttery smooth PS3 debut for the Lombax and his robot buddy in Tools of Destruction, but after a mediocre mini-game with Quest for Booty even a huge fan of the series such as me starts to run of hype-steam."

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Lol. This review is great for sh!ts and giggles.

Did they even play the same game as me? Sure it's not perfect, but it still an incredibly beautiful platformer without equal.