Gamernode: God of War Collection Review

Gamernode writes: "God of War's brutality and beauty wowed both gamers and critics alike. It featured an addictive upgrade system, had satisfying combat and engaging puzzles, and amazed with some of the most epic set pieces of any game to date. And let's not forget it introduced the memorably savage character Kratos, and taught us about how to violently destroy the mythological beasts, people, and places of ancient Greece.

Then, God of War II came and somehow managed to improve on everything the first one did."

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badz1493299d ago

on ebay, the prices scream rip-off!

Cyrax_873298d ago

...the games are extremely cheap on ebay. I got Borderlands brand new for $60, if I went to EB it would cost $110. Also picked up the delux edition of Demon's Souls for $80, if that were released here it'll easily be at least $120.