Kotaku: Tony Hawk: Ride Review: Time To Bail

Kotaku writes: "The latest edition of the venerable Tony Hawk skateboarding video game franchise slides across your carpet on a plastic skateboard in Tony Hawk: Ride.

Losing ground to EA's Skate franchise, Activision tapped developer Robomodo to help take the Tony Hawk franchise in a whole new direction, eschewing standard controllers for a new plastic skateboard peripheral, attempting to bank on the success of peripheral-dependent titles like Guitar Hero. In Tony Hawk: Ride, players stand atop the included skateboard peripheral, tilting and raising the board to pull off tricks as high-tech sensors track the board's movement."

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Maddens Raiders3275d ago

just wait to what she says when you break out into neanderthal like movements with Natal next year. I'm just saying...

Roper3163275d ago

more over priced Activision garbage with a crappy peripheral. Who woulda thought. everyone should just stop buying anything with the Activision name on it, until they get their crap together and offer quality titles that bring something to the market, instead of supporting this garbage and their rehashed garbage.