Sega Puts Fear In Capcom With Bayonetta Can Nero Compete

Devil May Cry is a franchise that's in a league of it's own, Capcom put so much passion into Dante and the New hero Nero and it shows but the question is can that do it again why? because Sega has took a little bit of Devil May Cry and multiplied it by 20 and right now Nero isn't looking so good.

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TheHater3301d ago

This article wasn't even submitted 2 minutes ago and it has already been approved?

MAiKU3301d ago


Please, the star of that series shall, and always will be, Dante.


And Bayonetta isn't putting the fear on anything. It may be a great game though it's bordering more on good. I will applaud the originality, but it's a bit too blatant for my tastes. Plus it has to be running equally on both platforms otherwise you fragment the fanbase.

egm_hiphopgamer3301d ago

the devs said that it will be equal on both systems and for those who didn't see the entire article there's some interesting footage in it so check it out aight peace

TrevorPhillips3300d ago

great video hiphop bayonetta looks really good can't wait till december 3rd