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"Traditional platforming games, for the most part, are extremely simple: get from from point A to point B by hopping on platforms and enemies. Braid, however, breathes new life into the genre by infusing it with difficult yet brilliant puzzles. Xbox owners have enjoyed this gem since 2008, and now the title finally makes its PlayStation 3 debut."

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Madusha3099d ago

:0 5/5. Gotta check it out on PS3.

wolfehound223099d ago

It is a good bit of fun and really different from any other game I have played.

Lifewish3099d ago

agreed, though waiting on the price to go down under 10 bucks if that ever happens

DoucheVader3099d ago

He needs a gun or something. LOL This game is tricky.

dopeboimagic923098d ago

Anyone check out Soulja Boy's review of this game?