Microsoft: Black Friday Gives Xbox "Biggest Sales Week" Of Year

Get ready to for some corporate gloating, Microsoft-style, in the coming days. According to the company's Director of Product Management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, the Xbox 360 just had its "biggest sales week of the year."

Greenberg didn't put a specific figure to the console's sales from the Thanksgiving/Black Friday week as Nintendo did earlier today. But the increasingly svelte Xbox 360 spokesman did write that last week's numbers were "more than [two times the] previous week sales."

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Maddens Raiders3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Sony had mixed fortunes this year. PS3 sold nearly 400,000 units during the week - around twice as many as last year and significantly ahead of Xbox 360. On the other hand, PSP sales were down over 35% year on year and PS2 was down over 25%. All holiday bundles were sold out countrywide, and while PS3 software sales in general were lower than Wii and Xbox360, top performers included all bundled titles (inFamous, Batman: Arkham Asylum, LittleBigPlanet, God of War Collection and Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time) along with Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed II. Edit - with more data coming in, it looks like PS3 could actually be as high as 450,000 for the week once all is said and done. **Edit 2** - with even more data coming in, PS3 is actually closer to 500,000 units for the week.

And lastly Microsoft had a solid week but down on last year. Around 325,000 Xbox 360s were sold, down over 35% on last year's record-breaking Black Friday for Microsoft. Most retailer-specific bundles sold well and the big software for the week was predictably Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed II and Left 4 Dead 2.


nevermind...I just realized you made a new account for trolling so you're not going to read anything. you're only here for one thing. Very well, carry on...

Jordan Two Delta3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Put the pipe down and do WHAT? lol

Why read some troll's BS rant?

You edited your crack pipe comment?

deadreckoning6663276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Wait Im confused. I just read an article saying that Sony sold 440,000 units in ONE week in NA. Now I read this. So can someone tell me exactly who won Black Friday?

"Im pretty sure that even if Sony sold 500,000 units, Nintendo still won Black Friday"

Yea lol, I guess ur right. I'm not one to judge, but I don't see why the Wii continues to sell so well. The PS3 offers much more value for the price. Everyone I know who has a Wii say its merely a "dust collector"

swiftshot933276d ago

Im pretty sure that even if Sony sold 500,000 units, Nintendo still won Black Friday.

Santa Hirai3276d ago

Aaron Greenturd is too embarrassed to admit in public that besides the xbox 360 having its best week of sales all year (its a week where rednecks and poor people can buy cheap crap for cheap like the cheapbox 360 fails a year) and still managed to lose to sony even tho there is probably 360,s for about 100$ maybe even less if you look hard enough


soxfan20053276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

360 was ahead of PS3 last year on Black Friday due mainly to the 360's price cut.

PS3 is ahead of 360 this year on Black friday due mainly to the PS3's price cut.

Of course, both 360 and PS3 COMBINED still lose to Wii - so much for the recent claims about declining sales and the Wii "fad" passing. All it took was a simple $50 price cut - it's first in three years - and Wii is dominating again.

ON TOPIC - according to the article, MS isn't claiming they "won" anything - they are simply saying that they had their biggest sales week of the year so far.

Darkeyes3276d ago

Psss... hey dead 360 sold 2wice of last week... So how much do you think 360 sold the week before? Last month it sold 250K units... Giving more since it's holiday, even if those sales doubled, then too you get a rough average of 125K in the week before BF... So now xXing it by 2, the 360 sold around 250K.... Not bad since it sold a months number in a week, but PS3 JUST SOLD AROUND 500K!!!!!

SnukaTheMan3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Your believing vgcharts today....and what has changed since this is also a estimate like every weeks estimates? that pipe is looking mighty burned from use..especially with selective memory.

ReservoirDog3163276d ago

The numbers on vgcharts were the numbers given by the big 3 I think. VGcharts was just reporting the numbers.

That was my understanding anyways.

Maddens Raiders3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

no, I've never believed them, but these numbers they can't make up. besides they've received enough chastising over the years to know they couldn't keep churning out the same 360 skewed numbers like the old days. Besides, these are the actual numbers, except for the ones MS failed to report of course.

XxZxX3276d ago

those are not VGChartz number, vgchartz took them from CNBC.

morganfell3276d ago

WTF? Can someone explain how you do "corporate gloating" when you come in last?

Wait. "corporate gloating microsoft style" does imply not dealing with the facts.

Still, only Kotaku could have written this and then add a point from last year.

In the throes of Sony hate Kotaku would rather mention year old numbers than face the current situation where Sony beats micosoft. What cowards.

TOO PAWNED3276d ago

this is MS spin people, don't buy it ppl, they don't want to release black friday numbers, they are that embarrassed to show them

Why o why3276d ago

IF MS feels/knows they have something to shout about; THEY will especially when they feel they've bested a rival. When they know/feel they have NOT bested a rival they say things like they have just said and thats their own doing that people laugh at them sometimes. MS likes to scream from the hills TOO much so when they dont we all KNOW that they've been beaten in some way. Im waiting for the dumb ass statement like the one they made last month about the ps3 being back in 3rd place.....any sane person outside of gaming would think these guys who work for MS are pubescent fanboys i swear

Guido3276d ago

Come on, let me in on the fun!

callahan093276d ago

Here's my take on the Wii sales issue. Sure, there are plenty of traditional gamer-types who have a Wii (I've got one) and there are hardcore/traditional games being made for the Wii, but those huge sales numbers the Wii is getting do not represent Nintendo swooping in to dominate the gaming industry. The reason that the Wii sells so much is specifically because it appeals to non-gamers, and therefore it sells to a wholly different audience. It's not raking up sales that would have gone to the PS3 or 360 otherwise, because it's selling to people who never bought a gaming console in the past. My parents have a Wii, and actually lots of their friends have Wii's as well. These people never cared about games in the past, and they still don't care about what the 360 or PS3 have to offer, they're interested in Wii Sports (Bowling) and Wii Fit and the Food Network's Wii Cooking game and things of that nature. If you were to look at the Wii's sales only in terms of it being bought by or for people who are interested in gaming traditionally, then you'll see that it's probably closer in line with the PS3 and 360's sales. There are some hardcore adult gamers who buy it, but mostly I'd suspect it's the system of choice for parents to buy their young children, where once it was the NES, then the SNES or Genesis, then the PSone or N64, etc. The Wii is that system now, for the most part, and it's got a big stake in the traditional gamer demographic because of it (I count kids like that as budding gamers, naturally, I was once one of them). But then that other portion of the Wii's sales that makes it look like a complete beast versus the PS3 and 360 is coming from a different market all-together: those non-gamers. And that's a significant thing. Without venturing to guess actual numbers or anything, I can say that my assumption is that the Wii isn't dipping into the gaming industry as we knew it to dominate, it's bringing new customers into that industry. Among people who were gaming in the previous generations, I suspect that it's hardly beating the 360 and PS3 by very much.

HolyOrangeCows3276d ago

When they get outsold, they only look at personal stats.

When they outsell the others, they bring the others into it.

yippiechicken3276d ago

I'm not sure what your point is?

callahan093276d ago

I guess my point is just that this is a competition between Xbox 360 and PS3, and it's a strong, healthy competition that's good for the industry and for gamers. The two consoles are pushing their respective manufacturers to make the most of them and that means great games, great features being unveiled at a constant rate. And that the Wii is sort of off in its own world doing its own thing. It's not really competing in the same market, for the same customers, as the PS3 and 360. In some instances the markets overlap and there are gamers who would and do look at the Wii, but the blowout success of the Wii is largely unrelated to any competition it might be in with the PS3 or 360. The customers that are making the Wii's numbers sky high are the type of people who'd never look at the PS3 or 360. They're largely non-gamers.

Saaking3275d ago

If MS did well, I'm sure Sony did MUCH better.

mint royale3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

When they get outsold, they only look at personal stats.

When they outsell the others, they bring the others into it.

Well done for realising how every single company's PR system works!

@madden raiders
I'm sure it was an honest mistake but the numbers you quoted are vghartz numbers. That article you copy and pasted on has been up there for around 5 days now. They have an updated story with the numbers direct from Nintendo and Sony. So vgchartz originally estimated 400,000 for the ps3 then 450 then up to 500. Official estimations from Sony came in at 440,000. They did a good job I think.

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LordMarius3276d ago

and it still falls to 3rd place this month

Jump out

Jordan Two Delta3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

MWF2 dude MWF2

You sound like Spin Guy, the report is on Black Friday just like Nintendo reported on.

No, GTFO of here.

LordMarius3276d ago


this was their biggest Sales Week of the YEAR and both Nin. and Sony beat them

Sheik al botto3276d ago

Which, ergo, isnt saying much.

Knowing MS, if they had set a record, the news would have been all over the fking place. From n4g to gametrailers to gamespot forums.

They like to brag when it suits them but are ultra quiet like monkeys when the shiat hits the ban (ashamed).

Just like how they were quiet about "gay tony's" and the other GTA4 DLC which they paid 50 million for.

Rockstar probably didnt even make 10 million out of that deal and are forced to pay back 40 million. That means that Rockstar now highly favors PS3 if they werent already.

We have the AGENT. YOU DONT.

We have been playing Uncharted 2. You had to settle with gaylo DLC.

We were playing superior titles these last 2 months non stop. You were browsing folders from wal mart and looking at PS3 games advertisements while crying at night.


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TheTruth20093276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

But he HAS to.

It's about buying time.
It's about treading water.
It's about sacrificing a little market share to prepare for 2010.

Sony's not making any strides that Microsoft didn't already anticipate, and they knew that the Slim was coming. Sony was desperate. They had to do something THIS Christmas.

Releasing the PS3 Slim against Microsoft's lineup (especially the Holiday Lineup wtih Natal and Halo:Reach) would have been suicide.

So Microsoft will sacrifice 2-3 million consoles in Market Share to prepare for what will be the bludgeoning of Sony. That would still give them a 5 million console cushion heading into Christmas next year.

And the gap will widen again after that.

Because the Slim will look pretty bland and crappy against a fantastic XBOX360 Lineup, aggressive marketing, and the dual punch of Halo/Natal.

And Sony has NO big releases after Summer 2010.

So yes... Greenberg is spinning.

But it's part of the plan. He knows that when it comes to PS3...


LordMarius3276d ago

lol, so know its part of their strategy to fall into third place
lmao, spin bot

bot slayer3276d ago


Lou Ferrigno3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

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young juice3276d ago

haha dude your crazy ps3 has an incredible lineup of games coming out ALL YEAR next year go ahead and reply to this and watch me destroy you in what would become a bigger tragedy than 9/11

jcgamer3276d ago

Since you love spin...

M$ banned a record breaking 1,000,000 bots in November and STILL remained 3rd! Try spinning that...



wingman32x3276d ago

lol. It's not like sony's going to sit there and do nothing. Why are you so confident about Natal? Actually, truth, if you care about "Hardcore" games, than wouldn't you want Natal to flop? Why do I say this, because what's going to happen when Natal succeeds, hm? the 360 library is going to be INFESTED with gimmick shovelware titles, just like the wii. I can't see this thing appealing to the core audience. Let's wait and see. I would love to be wrong. That Milo demo was awesome, but two questions remain:

1)How will this technology be used in 'hardcore games'
2)Will gamers be willing to use it?

I think to a lot of people playing a game with nothing but your body is going to seem pretty awkward. Again, we'll have to wait and see, but for now I think Natal would be bad for the hardcore audience. If it becomes a hit, get ready for shovelware.

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Mista T3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

It hasn't been a good year sales wise anyway for the xbox compared to other years

oh well, it's always good to see the industry doing well I guess like for MS, Sony, and Nintendo last week

Jordan Two Delta3276d ago

You fanboys better hope it's lower sales keeping them silent and not being overwhelmed by unexpected numbers, needing more time to get them right.

Nikuma3276d ago

Yeah that's totally it.

morganfell3276d ago

Someone apparently has difficulty dealing with the truth...

Antan3276d ago

"needing more time to get them right."

Double the previous weeks sales means they`ve counted them.

Majunior3276d ago

It's because everyone in the states already owns 3 of them. Everyone owns 360's. Although I am glad to hear about PS3's success. The only reason I'd buy it is for a blu-ray player. Maybe some PS3 exclusives. Everything else I'd have to buy for 360. No one I know owns a PS3 therefore making owning most games on that system pointless. Plus I prefer the 360 controller for FPS. And Xbox live although cost money is a much better online experience as of now. PS3 is catching up with online features but soon that's going to cost money as well.

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Killzonegamer843276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Something is fishy, this is the first time MS hasnt released HARD black friday numbers,, "Double than the previous week" umm what the hell does that mean? they do realize that people dont buy consoles the week before black friday due to them waiting for the deals on black friday..

So if 360 sold 150,000 consoles the week before black friday which is being very generous then that means it sold 300,000 black friday week which still puts it 140,000 consoles behind the PS3..looks like the MS camp are still full on humble pie and arent ready to release hard numbers yet

kaveti66163276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

MS never release hard numbers. They always count units shipped instead of units sold. How the hell is that relevant to success?

It's like if I were a telemarketer and my boss asked me how many people I sold stuff to, and instead of actually telling him how many people I sold stuff to, I tell him how many people I called.

swiftshot933276d ago

But they *did* release Black Friday numbers last year, and this year where Sony and Nintendo have released numbers, MS hasn't. Its a first.

Jordan Two Delta3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

So who is telling the truth? Some media are reporting Microsoft said double the previous week this year and some are saying double the previous week as in last year.

Darkeyes3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I highly doubt the 360 sold 150K a week before Black Friday. Just to give you a reference, the 360 sold 250K in October according to NPD. So now divide that by 4 and you get the rough weekly figures (which comes to something around 60-65K. Now lets give M$ benefit and bump that 65K to a 80K (being generous here), then too 2wice means only 160-170K sold... Being even more generous and taking into account that 'MORE than 2wice' lets just bump that overall figure to 200K or lets say 220K (This is serious generosity), then too it's nowhere close to the PS3's massive 440K (Double or if you pick the figures without being generous, TRIPLE)...

That is the reason there is no official word by douche bag Greeenburg. Last year he was gloating about the 3:1 ratio.... Looks like he got a taste of his own medicine.

Jordan Two Delta3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

You can't use that logic because we are closer to the holidays and one of the greatest sells franchises in history selling well on the 360.

You can't compare "October NPD" with NOV and DEC NPD. If this version of the news is correct, even then where did you get last week's numbers? VG charts? Look into the future and got the NOV week 3/4 numbers?

Darkeyes3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Well murderdolls alternate account, that is why I was being GENEROUS. And do you seriously think that people ran out a week before Black Friday to buy 360s and ditch the good discounts and offers of BF. Don't kid yourself and stop spinning.. Even if the 360 sells 400K units this NPD (bumping that 250K from October to 400K), then too divide it by 4 and you get 100K per week.. Not bad, but PS3 just sold 440K in a WEEK.

Sony owns November NPD.

swiftshot933276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

No Jordan, he IS being VERY generous. Its common knowledge that nearing Black Friday, consumers tend to wait until that day to buy what they want. PS3, Wii, and 360 sales during the week before Black Friday would all have been down from the previous month. Meaning that the "more than [two times the] previous week sales." quote isn't as significant as even Darkeyes made it out to be. His analysis was more than fair, it was ridiculous actually. The reality is, the PS3 may have outsold the 360 3:1.

Of course sales don't matter to me, but this thread is about sales so...

The 13276d ago

That is what she is saying hence why she said it is stupid to comapare Oct data with November and December sales. Looks like the PS3 fans was trying to predict what is and isn't possible by comparing a slight shopping month(OCT) with a the official shopping month(NOV/Black Friday).

Anon19743276d ago

When 2008 numbers showed year over year declines versus 2007 they even stopped reporting Xbox 360 shipments on their quarterly financial statements. It was only when sales picked up again that Microsoft started reporting shipped numbers and up to date sales figures again, and it was with those figures that you could then see how bad 2008 was for them at the start. And it wasn't the first time they refused to reveal this data.

Microsoft needs to disclose revenue and profit numbers to their shareholders. Nothing forces them to disclose sales figures and they have a history of hiding that info from the public when it's not something they want to draw attention to.

I'm not saying that's what's going on here, but it would certainly match what they've done in the past. Either that or distract by crowing about XBL figures or attach rates or something, anything, to shift focus.

Strange_Evil3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Boy, you guys are pressing the panic button lol. I for one agree with Darkeyes analysis, as well, it's accurate. Ya Oct and November are different, but still he was generous enough to increase the sales tally of the 360 (more than Generous). I agree that he took the 2 times as actual, but still hey people take a lot of things said by companies here too accurately.

The reality still remains that the PS3 heavily outsold the 360 this Black Friday (2:1 or 3:1 might not be far fetched). Sorry guys but that's the truth. But overall the 360 gained a bump from last month and that is good.And come on be realistic, you guys saw what happened when PS3 got a price cut (more than 1.2 million sold), and you still act shocked when it sells 440K in a week!!! It's the hottest console right now (well after the Wii lol) of course it will outsell the 360.

The 13276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

All I see is a 1 or 2 360 fans and a sh*tload of PS3 fanboys in here trolling trying to comfort themselves.

"The reality still remains" no one came in here to hear about PS3 so coming in here in desperate mode because PS3 is in last place and this makes you feel good about your console is not good for gaming.

Panic button? lol

Strange_Evil3276d ago

Hey The1, when have I been a PS3 fanboy? I own both and I only comment here when it's needed to (check my history if you want, I have never trolled in the gamer zone. Once or twice in the open zone but that's what it's designed for).

I called pressing the panic button mainly cause you and the other guy (especially the other guy) are going bonkers in nearly every sales thread. I was more consoling him than you (I hope it's not you in your other account lol).

I for 1 believe the companies should never release the sales data as it would stop half the crap going around here especially when NPD or Media molecule arrives every month. But this is the way it is. And please don't act like a saint. If it was 360 selling 440K, we would have all the 360 fanboys saying 'Price cut does nothing' "PSThird" Blah Blah Blah. What goes around comes around. Last year 360 outsold PS3 by 3:1. I would really love to find that thread and show the amount of 360 fanboys that gloated then. So now it's the PS3 fanboys turn to gloat. So it's unjust now, but was allowed last year when 360 outsold it? Don't understand the logic.

calis3276d ago

"So who is telling the truth? Some media are reporting Microsoft said double the previous week this year and some are saying double the previous week as in last year."

You'd have to be damn stupid to even make sense of "double the previous week as in last year".

Only fanboys HOPE it was double last year, it clearly isn't. Microsoft aren't that stupid to word it so horribly.

The 13276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Reread my comment. I didn't ask you for some fanboy spazzz, I don't care where you've been. I said you guys are coming in here trolling circle jerking eachother over the PS3 when this is a 360 article. People will go to multi platform and PS3 articles if we wan't to know about it.

" All I see is a 1 or 2 360 fans and a sh*tload of PS3 fanboys in here trolling trying to comfort themselves.

The reality still remains no one came in here to hear about PS3 so coming in here in desperate mode because PS3 is in last place and this makes you feel good about your console is not good for gaming"

Are you PS3 fanboys reading anything before you call people out?

Antan3276d ago

"(I hope it's not you in your other account lol).2

Funny you should say that, but there ARE some similarities!..The 1 has MANY many other accounts, and usually tries this behaviour. History reveals all.

playnation3276d ago

@the1: wow the only one who's trying to comfort themself it's you, about time to see the reality you fanboy, stop crying now

The 13275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Funny you should say that, but there ARE some striking similarities! Antan, TheBand1t, Pirate Tom, not to mention you rabid accounts like Saaking, morganfell, Canadianguy420 etc.

This is how you keep all you accounts maxed out in bubbles when all you do is attack other members and troll articles when you do post. You probably make up a large part of the 10 to 9 bubble members.

What are the odds of 9-10 bubble members always talking this BS about why dis and being obsessed with me? Antan/TheBand1t/Pirate Tom/Canadainguy420, The only time you see these accounts is when you are going after 360 fan(me)

The most obvious similarities with all these accounts is they all wait for the person they go after to log off, so they can't respond. Every one of your accounts do this, they time it to get the max attention and praise with no defense from the person they call out.

Antan3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

LMAO! And right on cue, ignore number 18!! Too predictable sunshine, just ttttttoooooo predictable!

"ll you do is attack other members and troll articles"

My post history looks you in the face(s), smiles at you........and says hi!

"You probably make up a large part of the 10 to 9 bubble members."

Wrong answer again POG! tut tut. I infact.... have a life, and It would be just swell if you could maybe have one too.

"The most obvious similarities with all these accounts is they all wait for the person they go after to log off, so they can't respond. Every one of your accounts do this, they time it to get the max attention and praise with no defense from the person they call out"

You just can`t mix it with me mate! I catch you out every single time, then you try the same, only you fail......and will always fail.......HARD! I`ve only one account so sadly for you, your going to have to deal with it. Remember this-: .......If you break the WILL be found out.........simple.

morkendo3275d ago

Greenberg didn't put a specific figure to the console's sales from the Thanksgiving/Black Friday week

and did not want to embaress "the great white shark" MICROFHONY.

summons3275d ago

what a fight!

1st. PS3 fanboy troll's
2nd. 360 fanboy makes excuses
3rd. Dude claims he has a life after admitting he tracks this 360 fanboy around.

I think I got it.

Antan3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

"Dude claims he has a life after admitting he tracks this 360 fanboy around."

And where did i admit to tracking this fanboy around?........"Dude" ;.

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