Wiikly WiiWare Wiiview: Little Tournament Over Yonder, Harvest Moon: My Little Shop, and Bit.Trip Void

From the review:

"The highly-anticipated third installment of the Bit.Trip series reminds us all of what is so great about WiiWare. Lately, WiiWare has seemed to make somewhat of a decline as more and more subpar titles are accepted into the overpopulated library. But then a game like Bit.Trip Void comes along and suddenly, you can forgive Nintendo of its past indiscretions. Or perhaps you're the bitter unforgiving type; even so, there's no denying that this is a definitive title for the Wii, surpassing even many of the large retail games, and yet the game is so incredibly simple compared to much of what is out there. It truly proves that sometimes, less really is more."

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Kamikaze83275d ago

Bit. Trip Void looks impressive, the rest are meh.

RaymondM3275d ago

Groovy update for Wii titles. Could make for a good xmas gift...

3275d ago