Game Console first impressions: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Game Console writes: "Game Console's Alex Speirs got to check out the recent PS3-only Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer beta."

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dooge3275d ago

The map is very balanced and HUGE and makes the gameplay smooth. Destruction is great, as always. Taking out an entire building by setting C4 on the support beams so freaking fun. Just sit back and watch it crumble to the ground...sweet.

This "review" sucked by the way.

Leggetron3275d ago

Where does it claim to be a "review"?

Dark_king3275d ago

it is very fun and well balanced.The only issues i have with it is people getting in the wall where i cant kill them but they sure as hell can kill me.had one guy knife me through a brick wall.Does anyone know if there is a in game bug report feature like MAG has?also i need a variable scope for my sniper rifles hate being stuck with just 12X.It would be nice to have a 8X-12X.