Bungie Currently Working on New Franchise

Bungie has expressed interest in the past to move away from the Halo franchise and it looks like they are possibly planning just that. In a recent posting on their website, Bungie is looking for several new employees to take lead on their new project.

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TOO PAWNED3305d ago

coming to PS3 near you!
You heard it here first!

dgroundwater3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

While I would tell you to calm down you are probably not far off. It makes business sense to expand to PS3 as well.

Either way a new IP is best for them going forward after Reach. Same goes for Infinity Ward. Nothing says wasted potential like a corporate contract to pump out franchise sequels all year.

Bungie3305d ago

not gonna happened buddy

but keep the dream alive

Shotgun_Roamer3305d ago

Haha, the first thing i thought when i saw this title was "hip-hop gamershow" repeating endlessly in my head. It seriously took me two minutes until i clicked on the link in fear of being bombarded with a chain swinging rumor-monger

steck673305d ago

Watch it does though, I would LMAO. I could just imagine the faces of many rabid fanboys lol.

Saaking3305d ago

Great news. Hopefully they can pull off something great.

steck673305d ago

Actually HHG did say something about a Bungie PS3 game, not too long ago too. http://www.hiphopgamershow....

I actually thought the same before I clicked the link. I was like isnt this a duplicate? lol

XxZxX3305d ago

their new franchise will be involving a guy in a closed full-body armor suit with force shield kinda like robocop, but no chin is showing. I also heard that the full-body suit is so useless that once the shield depleted, one or two shot will kill that poor soul.

Budg3tG4m3r3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Bungie wont make a game for anyone but MS. Thats just the way it is so stop trolling fanboys.

Jordan Two Delta3305d ago

PS3 fans making up things again. Multi platform with PS3 will never happen.

sikbeta3305d ago

It's about DAMN time, how many Halo games they can make anyways, without become like a Mario everywhere game?

aaron58293304d ago

Fanboys used to claim MGS4 will be coming to Xbox they are defending their Bungie will not join the dark side.


Jordan Two Delta3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

That doesn't make sense the 360 has never been a risky console to develop for so the likelihood of MGS4 coming to 360 at that time was great, proven with MGSR now.

Any game coming to PS3 if they ever do, will be timed exclusive at best, believe that!.

The BS Police3304d ago

1. Bungie knows the Xbox 360 hardware.
2. Bungie knows the Xbox Live network.
3. Bungie still has close ties with Microsoft.

and the most important one of all...

Bungies fanbase own Xbox 360's.

Put all four together and what does that spell out for you?

Baliw3304d ago


zeeshan3304d ago

I don't care if they do a multiplatform game or not. All I want to see is a new IP from Bungie, Infinity Ward etc. These guys just gota stop milking the same franchise over and over again!

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MetalGearRising3305d ago

Please make more Halo games more the merrier...........i love halo games.

Mista T3304d ago

why don't you want these devs that made your "god" to make a franchise better than halo?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3305d ago

What? lol

If it's new it's new you know!

GR8 13305d ago

Ps3 fan boys this is your chance to request this game to be multi- platform. I know you want it to be.

Bungie3305d ago

i want them to beg for it first

then i'll think about it

Bungie3305d ago

i hope the wand gives you pleasure when you play games and stuff

nonetheless... have fun

Dutch Boogie3305d ago

Meh if it's anything like Halo 3 i recommend they keep it on the 360. But a new fresh game with fresh ideas and developed first on the ps3 will have me interested.

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