Profile and Interview: Rocksteady Studios

NonsenseGamer: "Rocksteady Studios might not be a household name to many gamers yet, but their latest game is sure to change that.

Batman: Arkham Asylum has been both a critical and commercial home run for the studio and has skyrocketed them from a new company to one with a ton of fans in the gaming industry.

NonsenseGamer was lucky enough to get some time with Scott Burfitt, associate producer on Batman: Arkham Asylum. He had a lot of very interesting things to say about game development as well as creating Batman and the future projects of Rocksteady."

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Playbyte3273d ago

That's a really good interview. Check it out!

Why o why3273d ago

Batman AA was my sleeper hit of the year as we're yet to get demon souls in europe yet. Impressive game all round, very atmospheric and it renewed my faith in the unreal engine to a certain extent. My only issue was i'd spend 80% of the time using the detective vision so i missed a lot of the little details.

NonsenseGamer3273d ago

That's my only problem with an otherwise perfect game. I got so used to detective vision that I just left it on a lot of the time, and probably missed a bunch of the detail in the graphics.

Kainewynd23272d ago

Was there even another way to view the game besides Detective Vision? I felt crippled every time I turned it off... I only ever got the"I'm Batman" feeling with it on.

I guess the beauty and detail of the game wasn't good enough to make me get rid of a major advantage.


Snbrdr1663273d ago

Great Interview...Very Informative!

malfesto3273d ago

It was nice to get some incite into the minds behind an excellent game.

nlargent3273d ago

Rocksteady sounds like a bunch of really cool guys and the place sounds like a blast to work for.

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