MIG: Gravity Crash Review

MyInsideGamer writes:

"I received two review codes at the exact same time: Pixel Junk Shooter and Gravity Crash. It wasn't hard to pick which game I would play first. PJ Shooter, a game I knew a lot about which stemmed from a successful and reputable series, or Gravity Crash - a game that didn't have much information which seemed to pop up on the PSN like a partygoer who slips into a room late."

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vflhp3301d ago

Does anyone agree with this review and the allocated score?

callahan093301d ago

I guess so. I think the game has a cute and funny story, the presentation is well-done, the graphics/sound/music are all top-notch and pleasant, even the design and levels are very good. My problem is that I'm having a very hard time adjusting to the controls. It's been tough for me so far. Hopefully I can get used to the controls, otherwise I'll have a hard time completing the game.