Can Gaming Survive Without Japanese Game Developers?

There is no doubt whatsoever that Japan's influence in the video game market in past times has been paramount. From the classic titles found in arcades to the quirky yet fun console games they produced, gamers of all ages have enjoyed some fantastic games. From Mario to Solid Snake, Tetris to Street Fighter, everyone knows of the great games developed by this little gem of a country. The Japanese influence on gamers was at one stage absolute, and to say Japan ruled the video game market, seemed to some, an absolute fact.

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A HiFi3301d ago

Times have been tough. I do like the odd quirky Japanese title now and then, but I'd like to see how many Japanese titles the average Western gamer buys in a year. It will undoubtably be much less than years past.

Maddens Raiders3301d ago

...not in our house. Must have my Nipponese fix.

Saaking3301d ago

Yes it can, but to actual gamers it'd be a real blow. I'd miss all the great games that come from Japanese devs.

dgroundwater3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I look at my shelf and it is obvious that I have westernized heavily since the Xbox generation. My collection from N64 and Gamecube is 90% Japanese. Since I primarily play Xbox now, it has been 90% Western since 2004. I'm really quite appalled. How could I not realize this before? *slaps face*

The article says "Japan has a very unique style to their games, one that at times offers something very refreshing to the “KILL KILL KILL” theme behind most games today."

That has to be the main reason I never want it to die. They are intellectually inspired in ways Western games don't even understand.

chewy3173301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Pokemon, final fantasy, Granturismo 5,etc ps3, wii, ds, psp.


specialguest3301d ago

Filled with stereotypical characters and cliche storyline. The same could be said vice versa as well.

presto7173301d ago

Damn. That would be lame.

STK0263301d ago

Can it survive? yes.

Can it survive without the Western developpers? Yes.

In this generation, there has been a blend of both cultures, we're seeing japanese shooters, which are very similar to western ones, we're seeing RPGs, which are somewhat more ressembling the JRPGs than the old fashioned western ones. Action games like DMC are seeing competition from western developers in the form of Dante's inferno and GoW, survival horror saw RE's domination challenged by EA's Dead Space, MGS has seen solid competition from Splinter Cell (despite being quite different) etc.

The only thing that I would still call purely japanese is the old turn based JRPG, and while I enjoy one every now and then, I'm pretty sure I could do without.

CrazzyMan3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

With Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm, inFamous, Uncharted, Resistance, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, CoD4, ME, Gears, GTA4, Heavy Rain, Fable 2, MAG, Ratchet..
Well, yes it could.

But just imagine gaming without MGS4, FFXIII, Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian, RE5, SF4, DS, Valkyria Chronicles, DMC4, DR, ToV, NG2, LP2...
Gamers would really miss A LOT!

sikbeta3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

This is really stupid, now because we have more western developed games, doesn't mean Japan developed games will magical disappear and nobody will miss them

YES, there are less games from Japan, but doesn't mean anything if we still enjoying those precious games

Western games are focused big part on shooters, whereas Japan is focused big part on JRPGs, but always surprise US with Precious GEMS

Both needs to coexist, I really don't want games fully based on shooters or fully based on JRPGs

Variety is the BEST way to GO

TheBlackSmoke3301d ago

I think as crazzyman has pointed out, the question should be can 360 owners survive without Japanese developers.

Lich1203301d ago

This article was the first thing that made me look at my game collection from this generation and realize how much more heavily it leaned on western games. Of my 25 games spread across the 360, ps3, and Wii, only 4 are Japanese (MGS4, SF4, Twilight princess, and Lost Odyssey). The biggest thing to impact that ratio i think is how I really don't like the direction Nintendo took. For example I think Mario galaxies is the first mario game I haven't cared for.

JokesOnYou3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

JRPG's are old news. FF turned based gameplay is only sufficient these days for the Japanese fanbase who clings to the past and those few nostalgic gamers that praise anything Japanese. What else has Japan brought to the table? people criticize other devs of milking, yet what major new IP has a japanese dev released this gen?, and really everythings been medicore with the usual old IP's, MGS was very good minus Kojima's long winded mind numbing cutscenes,= SC much cooler, RE5 was good not scary enough= Dead Space better, DMC4 felt like a ps2 game= Dante's Inferno/GoW will eat it for breakfast, GT prologue didn't bother bringing any kind of damage physics, NG2 was OK, still didn't push the franchise, GT5 is up in the air, delayed to try to match Forza's features= Forza is now the best console sim, Lost Planet looks promising, but overall Western devs have been surpassing Japanese devs for awhile now, even Japanese devs have said so, all they do is 80% jrpg's 95% of which nobody outside of Japan would go near them. What else is there that sells outside of Japan? OK, Mario....yeah I would miss Mario, maybe after 1 yr, err oh shiii a year without Mario spinoff game? OMG! Japanese devs need a major overhaul. Western devs show much more diversity, sure there are a ton of shooters but they do every genre well, even rpg's. lmfao


BattleAxe3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Street Fighter for Sega Genesis, Mario 1 and 2, Final Fantasy for the NES and MGS series are the only Japanese games I've ever bought. Now that I've played through MGS 4 twice, I think I'm done with that series.

Uzesgelen_Goo3301d ago

most games will have signifacent changes.
if you guys take a look at every games released and in development they are always included japanese and korean developers so judge is yours guys ..

ChrisW3301d ago

Japan is no longer the MUST conquer video game country that it used to be. Reason being, it has not been able to "grow up" with the times! Look at the ElderScrolls and the Fallout RPGs, that's growing up with the times! Japan is still fascinated with giant robots (i.e. a recent movie: 20th Century Boys) and Giant Enemy Crabs! In addition to the horribly cliché story lines (oh my, a looser or bullied kid who suddenly realizes he has some sort of unnatural powers or discovers an ancient robot, WOW!) I stop playing JRPGs a long time ago.

Let me also point out that PINK is in fashion for Japanese men these days! Pink shoes, pink pants, heck I've even seen pink jackets with pink hearts on them!!! Along with guys holding hands and sitting on each other's laps (sickly TRUE), you would think this society has some highly questionable orientations! But... it's their culture, they don't care about such things like us Western Cultures do.

But still... it's highly questionable!

SolidAhmed3301d ago

i will be a nightmare, becuause most titles that i like are as follows:

Metal Gear
Ninja Gaiden
Demon's souls
Silent hill(it lost charm once it become with a western team)
Resident evil(excluding the last edition)

Tony P3300d ago

Agree with the level heads. Sure, gaming survives, but we'd probably be poorer for the lack.

But I'm not exactly sad about where we are now. I'm glad more international talents finally get the exposure Japan has more or less singularly enjoyed for decades now.

Sure your Squares and Enixes and Kojimas get a little less spotlight. But that's helped your BioWares, Naughty Dogs, and CD Projekts get some highly deserved acclaim.

rockleex3300d ago

Because many of them are making games for the Wii, DS, and PSP instead.

Once HD game development becomes cheaper, a lot of them will make the jump to PS3 and/or 360.

Just because handhelds aren't as popular in the US, doesn't mean that Japanese developers have suddenly stopped making games. Look in the right places and you'll find them.

pain777pas3300d ago

Many games have been influenced by Japanese development going back decades and that would be too big a blow to real gamers. As long as Nintendo and Sony stick around no worries really.

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Ziriux3301d ago

Of course. It doesn't need North America to survive Japanese will support their devs that is why they have the least closures.

Andrew Wiggin3301d ago

The whole Japan is stuck in the past debacle that is currently raging is an interesting one. I think gaming can survive without Japan, but it would be an immensely different market. Japan isn't going anywhere though, just look at Nintendo.

A HiFi3301d ago

The closest a Japanese developer came to doing things a bit Western was Team Ninja, purely because of Itagaki and the press he received. But with him gone, I'm less interested.

Bnet3433301d ago

I'd like the explanation on how Team Ninja and Itagaki came to being "western" The games they did for example Ninja Gaiden; Ninja's are japanese, the gameplay system was never seen in a western game, the chicks with the big boobs, etc. like how is that western?

silverbeld3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Agree with you Kigmal and Agree with Why o Why too.

Japanese game developers are still the best. Ninja Gaiden/MGS/zelda/mario/final fantasy/GranTurismo/Resident Evil/ and many more are Japanese game developers.

'Can Gaming Survive Without Japanese Game Developers?'

Answer = NO

sikbeta3301d ago

Nintendo do the same thing Activision do with its precious COD, if there is demand you can't deny to the money, sorry people that is waiting for the next game of the franchise

If Japan is stuck, maybe you say that because they make more JRPGs than anything, well Western Devs are stuck with FPS too, not purely FPS but a major part are

JAPAN is still DELIVERING GREAT GAMES and by that I can safely say........... BRING ON THE GAMES!!!!

Cletus3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Wha!?! Now wey! Nenjas re Japnese? I bet ma heffer, Betsy, dat the nex thang you gonna say wud be dat Pizza's frum Italy...

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MetalGearRising3301d ago

Yes while we have developers like:
Turn 10
Best developers in the industry we will survive.

Ziriux3301d ago

Your thinking is terrible. Gaming doesn't only consist in the U.S., it also takes place in Asia and Europe which is where some of the biggest crowd is.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3301d ago

Why the avatar of MGR then? That's like... self-ownage? lol

Defectiv3_Detectiv33301d ago

Their games have good production values but the gameplay mechanics leave more to be desired...most of their games aren't even very challenging, the online makes or breaks them.

kenjix3301d ago

Are you waiting for Metal Gear Rising from one of those Western Developers? LOL that's just too funny! Talk about foolish LOL

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Why o why3301d ago

but i definitely like both sides to continue....its called variety and its the spice of gaming life

Leathersoup3301d ago

Agreed. As much as I prefer western games it would be sad if we lost the Japanese influence. I'd actually like to see more gaming influence from other parts of the world. Tetris, one of the most popular games ever, was made in Russia.
I'd like to think that there are other gems stored away in someone's imagination somewhere on this earth and I'd hate to see them not get a chance to be played by others.