IGN: Kahoots Review

Greg Miller from IGN writes: Kahoots is a weird, weird game in all the right ways. Beneath its pink and pastel color scheme, singing tour guide, and cute enemies called Cardborgs is a nifty little puzzler that's sure to cook your frontal lobe and leave you with an aching head.

Better still: it's like echochrome on an acid trip.

A 2D title, Kahoots has the mouse dude (called a Kahoot) walking from one side of the screen to the other on platforms made up of individual blocks. Your job is to get the Kahoot to the level exit. If you have your little buddy leap off into the great unknown – any empty space on the screen with no platform underneath -- the Kahoot will fall from the sky until it makes contact with a platform again. This is also true if you walk off the side of the screen.

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