The Gadget Show picks PS3 Party Games over Wii's

PSUni: Channel Five's Gadget Show Winter Special saw the team list this holiday season's top party games. As expected, the list was dominated by Wii games, but the PlayStation 3 infiltrated the top.

On tonight's Gadget Show, Suzi Perry and Jon Bentley played their way through this season's best console party games, whittling them down to their top five.

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Maddens Raiders3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

but I've never heard of this show and the people in the marquee look really old.

What's more, is that I've never played any of these games before and honestly I would lose interest too quickly if I tried.

coolcole933302d ago

My favourite party game is a PS3 exclusive:

techie3302d ago

The Gadget Show is the best technology and gaming show on UK TV - though they are usually very positive about everything.

Maddens Raiders3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

if the Gadget show is that popular in the UK, it's credibility must be pretty good, plus you say that they don't cater to one thing or brand. For SNE to beat out the so called, "family consoles of all family consoles" is kind of a big deal indeed.

MrJack3302d ago

The gadget show is the biggest tech program over here in the UK, I think it is the flagship program for channel five and draws more viewers than shows like Flashforward, CSI and NCIS.

techie3301d ago

Yep. Flashforward any good? Sounds a bit sh*t

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ian723302d ago

Agree with "DEEP" It is a very interesting UK tv programme all about gadgets (obviously).

monkey nuts3302d ago

Have you seen the prizes they give out for winning the competition. Every week its like £ 10,000 + of high tech gear, its almost funny. I watched it a few weeks back and they were giving away all the stuff that they had given away from the series so far. It was 5 minutes of listing awesome gadgets and tech. The question you had to answer to win? What sort of detective was Ace Ventura. Seriously.

techie3301d ago

And one person gets all those gadgets lol...all the consoles, games, tv's. Jealous!


its a really cool show.

I think they must have a really high call volume for those competitions which is how they pay for them all.

if you imagine 5000k people calling in to try and win and the call charge per min is like 1pound or 1.50 they soon make the money back. they prob get more then 5k people anyway.

techie3301d ago

They don't pay for the gadgets...the companies do. If the PS3 is on the Gadget Show...a certain proportion will go out and buy a PS3. Also it's often their top rated gadgets, so the companies love people to be reminded that their product is the best.

This is how competitions work - it's free advertising for the companies. The Gadget Show and Five don't need to pay anything for them.

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cmrbe3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

It only does amazing party games.

uglyboy3302d ago

ps3 it only does all kinds of games