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TPG writes: "A Game About Smashing Bombiez, iHooy, (or iHooy as the app is titled) appears on the surface to be an attempt to make a castle defense game with blood and colorful captions between stages, however it comes across as a poorly designed Flash game ported over to the iPhone and iPod Touch."

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qsh3034d ago

It is not a flash game port - no way that a flash game could use that kind of (great IMO) controls.

bgrundman3035d ago

Original content for the iPhone... for the love of Christ...

starven3035d ago

apparently anyone can make "original content"

starven3035d ago

There are way better TD games on the market.

roblef3035d ago

Lame. Not gonna get this one.

roblef3035d ago

For such a unique gaming platform, there are WAY too many of these crap games on it.

wondroushippo3035d ago

Well, when you open things up to anyone, you'll get a lot of crap. Thankfully, the gems are worth it.

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