Turtle Beach P21 PS3 Gaming Headset Review

A review for the Turtle Beach P21 gaming headset, for Playstation 3.

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LukaX233274d ago

Hmm, I've been reading mixed reviews about this headset. I'm not sure if I should get it or not :/

TooTall193274d ago

I like the sound. The hiss doesn't ruin the experience. I would recommend these if you're looking for something under $100

Fishy Fingers3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Only downside seems to be the lack of surround sound (dolby) which is strange when they make a 5.1 set but it doesnt work with the PS3, only the 360. Hopefully they'll update that.

All in all, a good headset for the money, I've been using a pair of Tritton AX Pro for all my gaming needs for a while (absolutely amazing, but expensive) because I prefer to have headphones anyway making the blu-tooth headset useless for me.

Either way, if you like to chat online (with the PS3 in this case) then a headset is definitely worth picking up and this one offers good value for money (works with your PC/Mac to).

uglyboy3274d ago

we need a decent headset good review

jaie813274d ago

Astro a40 absolutely expensive. But as longs as you have a gaming system or mac/pc you'll never need to upgrade.Remember I said very expensive but the absolute best bang for your buck hope I helped.

Anilom3274d ago

Astro a40 absolutely Rocks on my PS3!! The best headset that I ever owned, that give u dolby 5.1 surround sound.