Brink gameplay footage debuts, brings news of delay

TVGB: "After being available at industry events since E3 earlier in the year - where it impressed the hell out of some Dennis guy - some actual footage from Splash Damage's Brink has finally been released for the internet crowds."

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tdrules3299d ago

yeah I was at Eurogamer Expo when he was going through this.
good stuff

kalebgray923299d ago

wanna see the pc graphics though

tdrules3299d ago

yeah this was demoed on 360 IIRC, and it is still (pre)alpha from what he was telling us.
the PC version should be good, no dedi servers though, but its a co-op so i dont mind

lh_swe3299d ago

That looks insane for pre-alpha.

ABizzel13299d ago

It looks good, not KZ2 like people were saying, but good nonetheless (plus it has at least another 8 - 10 months of development).

As I said it looks like Mirror's Edge meets Killzone 2 graphically and now gameplay wise at least the characters movement (kind of sluggish, but still agile).

Did anyone else notice Master Chief @ 2:50.

baum3299d ago

The character models do though. What most impressed me was the "SMART" system, I loved it. It seems that they're doing what Mirror's Edge aimed to do but integrating it into a full FPS experience.

RememberThe3573299d ago

I'm getting the same feeling from this as I got when I started seeing Mass Effect. I my feeling is right this time as well.

Elvfam5113299d ago

is in brink check it out

at 3:00

Saaking3299d ago

Wow, this doesn't look anywhere near as good as KZ2 or UC2. Perhaps for the 360 people, but I don't see how this is so great. I'm sure the PC version will look better though.

Darkstorn3299d ago

It looks nice. The walking seems a little bouncy, but maybe that's just me...

Nihilism3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago ) it's a clone of mirrors edge.

The following look EXACTLY the same as mirrors edge.

The cheap weapon models, and reticle.

The stylized world.

The shaky cam when running.

The textures and lighting.


I've heard of games using obvious influences. But this is a carbon copy. What B.S

anyone who disagrees, watch this mirrors edge clip

StanLee3299d ago

The game looks fantastic. It definitely does have the photo realistic look of Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 and that's more a decision of the art direction. I'm surprised when I see games like this running on the XBox 360. I think the system still has a lot of gas left in the tank and no developer has really tried to push the console to it's limits.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

lolz, oh please, killzone2 came, went, and lost tremendously up against halo3.

and halo reach will no doubt set more standards far beyond killzone again, the ost of halo game alone is unmatched.

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Dutch Boogie3299d ago

LOL loser. I'd be hungry for quality too if my 360 only had turd of the year awards.

Kalowest3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

The game looks Bad Ass, and innovative with its S.M.A.R.T system.

raztad3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

SMART is not exactly innovative. It's copy cat of Mirror Edge gameplay. ME main flaws were the poor shooting and the trial and error platforming. I expect ME2 to fix those flaws, it will be very interesting to see how it compares with Brink.


OK. I got a stupid disagree. EVERYTHING I wrote is TRUE. Well unless ME2 is canned. Anyways,


Play ME and watch this video again

Godmars2903299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

There's a difference between using gameplay elements similar to Mirror's Edge and copying it. I'm not seeing any need to run and jump from rooftops.

Though I'd love to see this game try and make a derivative of hand to hand that's similar to ME.

Imagine stealing weapons.

raztad3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Because to innovate is to do something never done before, and what has been shown in this video has been done before, in ME. That was my point. Well perhaps copycat is a too strong word.


Sure, no problem :)

Just for the record I do love ME, and FPSes with ME type of gameplay are long overdue. Definitely Brink shows a lot of potential to raise the bar gameplay wise. I expect ME 2 to bring some healthy competition in though.

Kalowest3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Thanks for reminding me, i forget about the game play in ME. Some system,but improved upon hopefully.

dgroundwater3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

While not completely "innovative" this is certainly unique and shows great promise. The Fall 2010 delay has confirmed their AAA ambitions!

xabmol3299d ago

I'd say it's closer to AssCreed's hold one button to do everything platforming. ME's platforming takes skill.

dgroundwater3299d ago

Good point xabmol. AC platforming it is. Mirror's Edge is in another league.

raztad3299d ago


Well, perhaps but Assassins Creed is not a FPS. Besides, we dont know how challenging will the final game be. The stuff we watched in this video is pretty easy to do in ME as well. It makes sense Brink devels want to add more interactive movement into the gameplay but still keeping a strong shooting component, something ME lacked.

hmmmm3299d ago

@ Raztad

the SMART system does look to mirrors edge you had to press the jump or slide button, but it looks like in this you choose which you want to do simply by aiming lower or higher and then the game decides which to do, which is where the innovation comes in.

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grantps33299d ago

i honestly don think its looks that great.

at e3 or whatever they said the graphics are beyond killzone 2, i dont think so, but that is not why i dont think it looks that great.

the "auto-button" thing seems like they took it straigt from assassins creed. All this looks like is what mirrors edge could of been. not that this game wont be good, but as of right now i dont see anything that makes it that special.

it may end up being a great game, but i seriously doubt that it will be GOTY worthy, especialy if its out in 2010 since GT5, god of war 5, halo reach (i personaly dont like halo), agent, alan wake, and killzone 3(possibly).

if it comes out 2011 it still has too much competition for me to suspect anything. besides its far too early to even compare this game to anything since hardly anything has been shown

Aquarius3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

The first level of KZ2 looks better than this, when Sev is looking into the mirror. I still get in awe when I look at that purple light around the circular pathway. It's truly something to withhold. Well it was made by alien hardware ;)

Wasn't BOTS hyping this game as they're own? Did I not see the PS3 logo at the end of that trailer or is it just me?

raztad3299d ago

The PS3 logo IS there.

crazyturkey3299d ago

doesn't look as good as KZ2, but you can see that somethings seem to be inspired by it.

mrv3213299d ago

So let me guess this straight

A fresh FPS with a fresh story and gameplay. Good graphics, 8 played co-op AND online. This sounds like a GOTY.

kalebgray923299d ago

gotta wait till at least nov to tell... so many good games coming out next year

mrv3213299d ago

CO-OP can save even the most mediocore games. EVEN if the system is perfect and the gramerate isn't solid, playing with 7 other friends can save all that.

SeanScythe3299d ago

Resistance 2 had 8 player coop and 60 player online. Just incase anyone forgot.

mrv3213299d ago

I never forgot, LEVEL 30 soldier ;)

raztad3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

I got my Resistence 2 copy very recently. I almost pass on R2 because the haters (both R1 fans and other box fans). Thankfully I didnt, R2 main campaign is pretty fun but its best part is the class based 8 player coop. Awesome coop mode, really awesome, endless amount of fun.

@mv321 bellow

I guess Insomniac is having a nightmare trying to satisfy its lost R:FoM fans. I hope they dont return to the stupid narrative, or the gritty looking. The only thing I would like to return in R3 is the weapons wheel. Everything else is much better in R2. The coop could be expanded in new ways, but I'm very happy the way it is.

mrv3213299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

The problem is Insomniac listen, look at the reviews of R1 and look at what they fixed in R2. Then the R:FOM fanboys complained because they got something new in a sequel.

EDIT: I kinda liked the gritty-ness of FOM... but after all the generic FPS's R2 made a nice change. I hope they keep the horror level, those a actual scary.(If you've played FOM/R2 you'd know the ones). Insomniac just prove how much control they have on you. With other games if they dared put a slowed paced level in you'd hate it because you'd run 'n' gun every time and die EVERY time untill you changed your ways, but in FOM I felt compelled first time round to go slowed because of the enemies, music and setting. I want the forest level/cannary to be put into R3 in their own way. I loved those levels almost as much as the tank one.

baum3299d ago

"I almost pass on R2 because the haters "

1. Who listens to haters?
2. R1 fans (like me) are not haters, they just liked 1 better

mrv3213299d ago

Your allowed your opinion but I don't think it was you he was on about; Instead the sort of people who

-Called Resistance 2 a terrible game
-Suggested people avoid it.

Most people have something, but I dare you to go pack to FOM I recently and you'd be surprised about how outdated it is gameplay wise.

raztad3299d ago


I get your point, but we got several threads here discussing how awful R2 was in comparison to R1 (fun game, specially the crazy weapons all available through the weapon wheel) and I thought to pass on R2 because many of those comments were coming from fellow PS3 owners. However after playing the game myself (I was mainly attracted by the coop mode), I find its main campaign rather enjoyable, nevermind some cons.

Insomniac laid down the core aspect of a very innovative class based coop campaign, that alone makes R2 outstanding.

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