PixelJunk Shooter delay due to Final Fantasy XIII

Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games reveals that the slight delay for PixelJunk Shooter in Japan was due to Final Fantasy XIII.

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sakura20093298d ago

this doesnt even make sense. they game are completely different like from earth to heaven

Kamikaze1353298d ago

But when a major game gets released, most people will be so caught up in it that they'll forget about the smaller games like Pixeljunk Shooter and forget it even gets released and end up never buying it.

LionheartAce3298d ago

When FFXIII comes out it will completely overshadow anything else around the same time. Much like Modern Warfare 2 decimated anything and everything else around it.

Somnipotent3298d ago

it's like releasing any movie being released same week as, say, batman 3 or harry potter 7 or... forgive me, twilight 3... that should put it into perspective. ffxiii will cast a shadow so large that you wouldn't see the light for weeks!

SprSynJn3298d ago

Actually Assassin's Creed II sold pretty well despite it.

King_many_layers3298d ago

But assasins creed is a fully fledged disc based game, PJS is just a PSN game in which people wont give a look into because when their systems go on, they're going to go straight into FFXIII

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Nitrowolf23298d ago

o well its understandable, FF13 will kill everygame in sales that month that releases around it, i could see why they would do it so they can release it once the hype is down. cant wait for this to come to the us

Korosuke3298d ago

I hate FF. Bring PJS on the same day.

SpoonyRedMage3298d ago

Ahh, well that sucks. I'm currently enjoying Q-Games' Reflect Missile on the DSiware. They're great developers.

gumgum993298d ago

yeah, I think they also made Starfox for the DS as well. I really hope they make a sequel to that. ^_^

-Alpha3298d ago

Well good luck trying to sell the game post-FF13.

It's better to release it before if they are so worried because after FF13 releases Japan is going to have a mass amount of bladder-related deaths due to the inability to stop playing FF13.