E3 and other gaming expos are coming to Xbox Live

VGarabia: There are a lot of gamers, gaming website editors, and developers around the world who can't attend ( but wants to) the biggest gaming expos such as E3. And if I have an invitation, should I have to travel to attend the expo? As we speak yes, I must. But all that could change in the near future with the help of a new virtual service through Xbox Live.

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immortal843156d ago

I guess Microsoft could start this service for E3 2012.

ABizzel13156d ago

This was rumored for PS Home, but it didn't happen. Let's see if MS does it.

4Sh0w3156d ago

a virtual video game "convection" service

lol isn't that dangerous, also immortal84, if microsoft were indeed involved in this I don't see why it would take until 2012 to get Live feeds of E3 up and running, they were already posting coverage of E3 the same day on Live. Seems to me if microsoft thinks its worth the money trying to get more coverage than the other guy, it wouldn't be that hard of a service to implement, especially for the press.

Kamikaze1353156d ago

It DID happen on PS Home this year.

ginsunuva3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

It's been in HOME for a while already.

bruddahmanmatt3156d ago

Awesome. Now you can check out the presentations for all the cool new upcoming PS3 exclusives on your xbox. w00t.

ABizzel13156d ago

Well you learn something new everyday. I knew they had videos and trailers, but I didn't know they did the press conference and everything.

Well join the party MS.

Saaking3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

Will I be able to watch the Sony conference? I want to see actual games.

xTruthx3156d ago

Home already has that and in the theater it has movies of upcoming games and PS news and movie trailers

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MetalGearRising3156d ago

Microsoft please stop spoiling me your to generous.

DavidMacDougall3156d ago

*Hes says while on his knees ...wait thats not gel in his hair?*

dgroundwater3156d ago

Haha open zone humour at it's finest. I gotta admit I chuckled.

hardcore19123156d ago

'Use your Xbox Live avatar to walk around the virtual convection and interact with various objects within each booth.'

This will be freaking awesome. I guess PS3 home can do this also.

mrv3213156d ago

Can and has been doing this (I think) if I remember Sony done a screening of a show on Home, shame I missed it. No doubt it's for gold members but the prospect none the less sounds cool.

iTzNath3156d ago

I can already do this on my Playstation 3

hardcore19123156d ago

you will be free roaming a virtual E3 and you can play the demos shown at the E3 floor.

mrv3213156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

I highly doubt you could play demos... unless they invest in the onlive technology.

Thanks for the disagrees, I realise what I said was wrong. It is completely possiple for someone to download a 1 gig demo in 1 second. Onlive seems the best was to do instant demos.

multipayer3156d ago

It would be alot more convenient not to use it, unless it is just to unlock something for your avatar. Besides, I'd like to see what competitors have to offer, so this is a pretty flawed virtual E3.

Roper3163156d ago

Lets see....hmmm pay to be able to watch it on XBL ( silver members like me get squat on XBL ) where nothing is free or I can watch it for free in the Home theater again next year..............Tough choice there

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The story is too old to be commented.