Chasing Alistair

Edge: Most of the folks who play role-playing games don't actually want to 'role-play'. Fantasy games are popular because they're familiar. They're the comfort food of genres. But only a fraction of the people who play them really wish they had pointy ears, mead on tap, a crypt in the basement and a dragon in the garage. Games surround us with make-believe, but we don't believe in it, any more than we believe in the dinosaur at a miniature golf course.

Except that once in a while, a role-playing game sucks us into playing a role. It happened to me in Dragon Age: Origins, and believe me, it took me by surprise. Because when I started the game, I played the same kind of character I always play: a regular, human woman.

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Darkfiber3249d ago

Why do creepy manbabies always play as females? I hate losers who jack off to polygons, get a life.