Bethesda on the Brink

Games.On.Net's Brenna Hillier chats with Alistair Hatch of Bethesda about taking on new IP, supporting PC gaming, and why Brink hasn't hit the hype machine yet.

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dgroundwater3185d ago

Why hasn't the hype hit yet? There isn't even a gameplay trailer. That would be a start.

gaffyh3185d ago

Oh don't worry, the hype for this game will be massive. I saw gameplay of the alpha build at the Eurogamer Expo, and this game looks very very good for a multiplatform game.

Believe me, Xbox-only owners will be hyping this up as a Killzone 2 quality game before it hits, I guarantee it.

NYC_Gamer3185d ago

360 owners are always hyping up multiplat games...