EA CEO: Console price cuts needed to happen 10 months ago

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

EA seems to think the console prices have something to do with the lagging industry sales as well. In September, all 3 platform holders reduced the price of their respective hardware - the PS3 was axed to $299, Wii dropped to $199, the XBox 360 Elite to $299. However, this is too little, too late according to EA CEO John Riccitiello.

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pixelsword3299d ago

...but nah, why take your own advice?

gauntletpython3299d ago

Yea, I think MW2 UK sales proved that lower prices = more sales. For MW2, UK consumers could get the game 1/2 off MSRP, and we all know it absolutely trounced GTA4's record. Plus, this gives you a bigger market for DLC, and extends the brand name too.

Soldierone3299d ago

You see these companies complain non stop about the over priced consoles, then what do they do? Jack their prices does that make sense? Activision "Consoles need to be cheaper" a week later "we have a new periphal coming out for 100 bucks on top of our 70 dollar game"

EA should know this more than anyone. Over the weekend they lowered their games to 35 dollars and the games were flying off shelves where i went. If games were always 35 dollars id buy everything if i had an interest in it at all.

SuperStrokey11233299d ago

Agreed, when i see a game at like 39.99 as a new release i run out and grab it day 1 (did it with borderlands, infamous, and almost did with batman). WHen a game is 70 bucks i wont buy it unless i am sure its worth while getting.

gaffyh3299d ago

£55 for MW2 was a ridiculous price for MW2 imo, when normal games here cost £40. I'm so glad Sainsbury's put the price to £26.

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SuperStrokey11233299d ago

Well didnt teh 360 have a price cut around september 2008 as well? Also sony simply couldnt afford the price drop at that point either. THey needed to get the slim finalized. Also teh system sales realy wern't that bad either. Not great but not bad, I think if they actually dropped the price on games and made games that everyone wanted to buy they would be doing a bit better, but thats just me. I highly doubt that the small changes in install base would affect sales as much as dropping the price on games themselves...

gauntletpython3299d ago

Industry sales aren't actually that bad, it is the worsening Wii sales and slumping music genre that make it look more dire than it actually is. Almost half the lost software sales are coming from the music genre alone. And JR is probably right in regards to the Wii, a price cut 10 months ago was needed.

SuperStrokey11233299d ago

Id like to see how DLC is still selling on the rockband games and GH. I really like rockband myself still so it would be interesting to see how they are doing, i have only bought like 2 songs on rockband as I already have some many songs as is (rb1, rb2, acdc track pack)

gauntletpython3299d ago

Yea, it would be interesting to see how much DLC actually rakes in.

Godmars2903299d ago

Why not take your golden parachute and leave the industry.

We'll try to miss you...

GameOn3299d ago

What is EA without gaming? I guess they could start making pencils or something.

Godmars2903298d ago

As in don't let the door hit in the ass on the way out.

Though chances are Valve would turn right around and buy EA, and despite making up a good chunk of EA's income, stop making PS3 games because, "Its too hard to program for."

kornbeaner3299d ago

well a better madden has been needed to be made since 05, Games needed to go back down to PS1 prices and all publisher need to stop giving the gamers overpriced DLC packs and content. But yeah an expensive is what can't be tolerated.

SuperStrokey11233299d ago

I dont think DLC is really over priced in most cases, but the fact that some companies put it on the disc, sell it to us, and then charge us to have access to it is criminal.

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