VGChartz Top Ten Worst Wii Peripherals

A picture is worth a thousand words, and by the looks of these failures, those words are going to be expletives.

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SiteNblog Defender3275d ago

LMAO! I had no idea they made a cooking mama set.

AEtherbane3274d ago

The could make a list of the top 100 most worthless wii peripherals (partially because there are so many people making wii sports and wii light-gun periph. knock offs).... devs should just make use of the wii mote, not make so many games that are dependent on and extra piece of plastic to be "fun."

Homicide3274d ago

LOL! Nice list. The Wii dumbbells should've made the list.

Duke_Silver3273d ago

those dumbells are terrible!