6.0 Dragonology Review "Overall the game had a good feel to it, consistent with the same element of innocent discovery that's found in their book series. Children who are fans of the Ology series should enjoy the similar style of detail that the books provide, however newcomers may not share the same experience. Relying a bit too heavily on its established fanbase, Dragonology offers no real sort of replay value aside from being able to review information already gathered. As a whole Dragonology lends itself quite nicely to its literary counterparts, and is a solid first step in the right direction for the Ology series."

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Kyll3302d ago

Oh man, I remember those books this game is based on! I don't remember liking them though, I forget honestly xD.

Lelldorianx3302d ago

My sister loves the book, sweet review.

Selyah3302d ago

Seems highly fan orientated then.

3302d ago