MAJOR Microsoft Store Glitch Xbox 360s With 10 Games Free

"There is a major glitch live now in the Microsoft store. The glitch enables you to increase the quantity of the Assassin's Creed 2 and Dragon Age Origins and not alter the price."

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Azimuth3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Um. Aren't those purchases tied to your Live profile? In other words, all you're doing is piling multiple non-transferable licences onto your own profile? GG.

[EDIT] Oh, looks like boxed copies. Nice!

NeptuneOO73302d ago

You still have to pay $399 for the 360 bundle.. that's the catch!

Dark_Vendetta3302d ago

Well it still works but the question is if they will really ship it. Would be quite a nice deal if you sell the other copies

meetajhu3302d ago

That proves that Safari browser sucks! It is proper on my Mozilla. How many apple users are being cheated day to day! God please help them!

Mista T3302d ago

my arse I'm using Safari and it worked just fine 5 hours ago

kaveti66163302d ago

Don't turn this is into a anti-Apple convention.

Captain Tuttle3301d ago

Let's keep this site anti-Microsoft only please.

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