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Pennywise3005d ago

I hope they don't go Cel shaded this time. After the last game they will have to do something special to bring me back to this series.

siyrobbo3005d ago

i didnt mind the cell shaded look, it was quite pretty

The gameplay however, was absolute crap

Perjoss3005d ago

didnt mind the graphics at all, but the gameplay was so easy, was almost as if the whole game was 1 long quicktime event. I still managed to enjoy it, I just hope the next version has a lot more challenge. Sands of Time was about right.

Eamon3005d ago

Why the hell are they going back to the Sands of Time trilogy??? Why are they milking it because of the film??!!

The Sands Trilogy is finished and the cel-shaded Prince of Persia was going to continue on. I mean, it finished with a cliffhanger for crying out loud.

If they release 2 prince of persias next year (1 Movie game and 1 sequel to 2008's Prince of Persia) then I will be happy. I really liked the story and twist at the end of POP 2008. Ubisoft HAS to release a sequel!

RememberThe3573005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

The difficulty level should be raised a bit but that is really my only complaint.

NewZealander3005d ago

oh no i cant keep up with all the games coming in 2010!

ubi are on a roll, i cant wait for splinter cell conviction, and a new POP would be awesome!

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sinncross3005d ago

The Sands of Time series?

No bloody way!!! Make it happen Ubisoft!!

gareno3005d ago

sony should release a "Prince of Persia Collection" before the release of this game, i'd love to replay the sands of time series in hd with trophies!!

siyrobbo3005d ago

it wouldnt be up to sony, being as its ubisofts IP, it would be up to them

no doubt the game ties into the movie somehow

GamerSciz3005d ago

God of War collectors was only done because it is a 1st party Sony Santa Monica developed game. I doubt Ubisoft would fork up the time, money, and effort to rerelease Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, PoP:Warrior Within, and PoP: Two Thrones. I for one have all 3 and loved them but that's probably why I hated the new one. Gameplay was totally changed and not for the better. Bringing back the old Sands of Time series would be nice and refreshing. I look forward to hearing about this more possibly at CES.

princejb1343005d ago

if its like the last prince of persia that came out
ubi will loose my money again
that one sucked, with its 1 on 1 bottles
do it like the ps2 version and well have a winner

-Mezzo-3005d ago

Yes, i am a huge fan of the POP series.

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The story is too old to be commented.