Gaming Trends: Social Gaming and Virtual Stuff

GB writes: "I find myself alienated these days seeing a whole list of my Facebook buddies involved in playing Mafia-Wars, Farmville and Cafe World which have kind of become a gaming success on the popular social networking portals, but to this date I never have played any of these games in spite of getting numerous invites from my friends; the Indian online gaming market was always limited to majority of the people playing advertisement based online flash games, most of them playing these games at workplace to kill time or take a quick break from hectic break schedules."

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Assassin Nawabi3249d ago

Freaking annoying mafia wars :x

gameseveryday3249d ago

I guess that is going to be norm atleast at work places. Whenever I am stressed I just log in to sites like miniclip and start browsing for games, atleast I get relaxed.

williamkenny3249d ago

Yeah, flash games are a great time killer- but they are too addictive really. I get sidetracked.

Assassin Nawabi3249d ago

thank god! i never got into this flash crap

williamkenny3249d ago

There are some decent flash games out there. Try Warfare 1918. That's a great flash game.