Cyber Monday: Gaming and Computer Deals

For those holiday shoppers who decided for whatever reason not to join in on (or for those looking to supplement the) madness that was Black Friday, retailers kick off Cyber Monday. Cyber monday, for folks who are unaware, is the online variation of Black Friday where holiday shoppers can find some rather good deals and mouse-buster deals on sites like,, and others.

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joydestroy2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

wal-mart has a PS3 bundle very similar to the one they had on black friday.

PS3 + inFamous + Batman Arkham Asylum + Dark Knight blu-ray + 2nd DS3 controller + blu-ray remote for just $369.99. pretty decent deal imo.

lordkemp0072975d ago

Quick folks take advantage of these offers for xbox 360. Get them while their hot.

The only problem is -- They stay hot then explode.

Some offers include RROD, E74 errors and disc scratching as dlc all at no extra cost.

Synex2975d ago

I'm still waiting on Amazon to drop demon's souls down to $39.99

joydestroy2975d ago

yup, i would like to pick that up as well :)

2975d ago