IncGamers Column: Why Is Sex In Games Bad

Whether you like it or not, sex is part of our culture. It's there on TV well before the watershed, if not in films or programmes then in the adverts, as well as in magazines and newspapers. Most of us would struggle to go a full day without seeing some sort of sexual image, so why does it draw so much controversy in when it's seen in video games?

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Maticus3300d ago

As long as it's rated, it's fine. Sex in games is nothing compared to the movies.

execution173300d ago

its perfectly fine good time to relax during a game after an epic battle (ala GoW1 and 2) :P

AndyA3300d ago

All the mainstream media's fault. Still convinced that videogames are aimed at kids despite adult ratings.

Leord3300d ago

What are you saying? I thought ALL video games were specifically designed for kids, just like ALL animated films are!

Leord3300d ago

People are insane.

On the same topic, how can gruesome violence be totally ok, but a little naked action is horrible for kids? What type of morale is that?

Even considering the ludicrous statement that people get so strongly influenced with what they see so they go out doing it, would you not rather your kid went out and had passionate love with others than killed them with a machine gun or an axe?


Malfurion3300d ago

There are many reasons why kids shouldn't see sex from an early age, but this stuff that's being complained about is ridiculous. Full frontal nudity = no way. Kissing and some side-boob = fine IMO. Worse than that on daytime TV.

lordgodalming3300d ago

" how can gruesome violence be totally ok, but a little naked action is horrible for kids?"

Thank you! At no recent time was this paradox of morality more evident than at the launch of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. People were flipping out about the "perversion" of being able to jiggle boobs with the sixaxis, and in the same breath complaining that Team Ninja had removed SOME of the gore from the original NGII.

Recka3300d ago

Sex in games is alright TBH, slap on a rating and it's fine :)

Chazmers3300d ago

even though im more for it the way you have to look at it is when you play a video game you are actively involved in what is happening, you control the character ect. Seeing sex in a film or tv programme is different than taking the role of character in a game and performing sexual acts.

will be interesting to see how the media acts when heavy rain comes out and you can perform the lapdance etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.