Black Friday 2009 - the Videogame Winners and Losers

Wii, DS and PS3 come out on top as Xbox360 and PSP see sales down from last year

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Bumpmapping3302d ago

End of the road for M$.One year lead over the competition,stealing PS2 franchises and anything related to the Sony brand,long with 199$ console yet they still can't out sell PS3 or Wii.

Consumers made there choice,all it took Sony was 299$ price point.

Xbox brand=NO.ONE.CARES.

Aquarius3302d ago

The MAJORITY of customers, comes from HALO (and FPS) so Microsoft won't be gaining a good amount of new customers for a while. The MAJORITY of sales are for replacements.

No shooters till after September 2010:

ME2 will FLOP ( according to BOT logic )
SCC will FLOP ( according to BOT logic )
Crackdown 2 will FLOP ( according to BOT logic )
Alan Wake will FLOP ( according to BOT logic )

Hmm...I wonder will you 360 freaks pick up a PS3 for MAG? I mean it only does everything.

Oh and BTW The 360 has dropped off the Top 100 in Amazon ;)

The Iron Sheik3302d ago

PS3 sells half a million in a week.

I'm sure some delusional bot will post about how that is a failure.

OGharryjoysticks3302d ago

I saw one 360 sold. 2 PS3's. and no Wii sales

Kevin ButIer3302d ago

It only does mobs gone wild XD

Montrealien3302d ago

From running a store, in Canada, I saw 17 PS3 120gb/250gb sales, 12 360 sales, 4 Wii sales no psp sales and 6 DS/DSi sales.

guess who will be getting dissagrees.

MerkinMax3302d ago

I got a new GFX card for my PC and Left 4 Dead 2 to go along with it. Got Forza 3, GTA 4 and Dead Space for $50.00 total. Got a new Dualshock 3 controller and a stand for my Slim. Great deals all around. Oh yeah, Planet Earth on Blu Ray for $40.00. Sweet deals baby!

Shadow Flare3302d ago

While this is coming from VGchartz, I still feel compelled to reiterate the famous words from a certain Nelson Munz:

*points finger* HA HA!!!

Montrealien3302d ago

We know Shadow Flare, VGchartz is right only when some people want them to be right. typical.

sikbeta3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Well, this article comes from VzGzChartz and that means estimates, so we can expect even MORE than this for sure


MerkinMax3302d ago

Luckily it's still shipping. Wow that's an awesome deal and thanks for the heads up.

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lloyd_wonder3302d ago


FrankWest3302d ago

WOW at PS3. 500K?? Amazing

Montrealien3302d ago

Yeah, I am loving it! at this rate the PS3 will have caught up to the 360 in NA in just over a year, we have a competition for 2nd place folks! This is great news for all of us!

I know I know, NA is not the center of the world and many 360 sales where RROD and MS pays sites like vgchartz and all the mainstream media who hates Sony and wants them to burn in hell, and I know PS3 is teh rockzors omgz amazing and MS will fail with bad exclussives...yaada yaadaa yyaaadddaaa.

Gamehead363302d ago

what crawled up your ass and died?

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The story is too old to be commented.