Life on Treasure Island: an interview with virtual real-estate mogul David Storey

Remember David Storey - the guy who spent over $26,000 on a virtual MMO island? He still lives there, and has managed to turn a profit on his investment. GamePro and PC World caught up with Storey in his home town of Melbourne. They quizzed him on everything from World of Warcraft to life on a virtual island.

GP: "So how did your friends and family react when they heard you bought a US$26,500 virtual island?"

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grumpysmurf3301d ago

Wow, so he was only 22 when he bought the island for 26k. That's mental. Most dudes his age would have bought a semi-decent sports car with the money (they probably would have got laid more too!)

Still, good on him. It's cool to follow your dreams.

csimpson3301d ago

I know - I can think of a few more important things to spend my hard-earned $26k on - cars, girls, good times... But hey, more power to him.

McRad3301d ago

It was an investment more than it's "spending $26,000 on a virtual island" considering he's made his money back like 4 fold. He gets taxes for any hunting, mining, and shop sales that occur on the island.

Ju3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Smart idea. Risky, but smart. Guess he can afford both, sports car and girls now that he makes profit and can lean back just counting money... he owns a virtual property. No upkeep, no maintenance, just a couple of hours if you like to game. Perfect business plan.

Penno3301d ago

Seems like a level-headed guy. I bet all his friends who gave him hell for spending all that money feel pretty stupid now.

spankipants3301d ago

He can sell virtual coconuts to make the money back.

jimboh2k3301d ago

I'm surprised his friends and family were so accepting of it.