Microsoft Plans Shock 'N' Awe In 2010

GamesThirst: 2009 was not a good year for Microsoft and the Xbox 360. In fact, it's been their worst since the console came on the scene in 2005, but there's one thing we know about the software giant, they never go out without a fight. And if the reports of Microsoft giving Natal a launch like a major console, and the plans to release some of their games like they were Hollywood blockbusters are true, there's only one conclusion any sensible person would have; and it's that in 2010, Microsoft is prepared to fight. They plan to give Sony and Nintendo hell with a new "shock n awe" campaign that will be the biggest the industry has seen. We'll show you some of the signs.

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Bungie3299d ago

Just watch

MS have the best hardcore line up in 2010

and will own the casual with natal

and there's stuff i cannot speak about

KionicWarlord2223299d ago

You could be judging a little to early .

2010 isn't even here yet .

YungXclusive2K93299d ago

I can't wait for next year, both consoles will rock 2010. I seriously hope Microsoft has amazing games to match Sony's lineup, the industry needs competition. Gamers WIN!!!!!!!!!

commodore643299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

While I cannot predict the future, I will acknowledge that 2010 will be interesting indeed.

The 360 has a bunch of exlcusives including Alan Wake and Halo Reach.
The ps3 has a bunch of exclusives including GT5 and GoW3

The 360 has a a new and groundbreaking Motion sensing development for 2010
The ps3 has seemingly sustained momentum from a price drop for 2010 and a selection of developers that finally have extracted the best from the cell.

I get the feeling that the only real winner will be gamers, who will be able to utilise this plethora of gaming goodness in 2010, on whatever console they own.

The only losers will be the ones married to their fanboy agenda and pride.

Darkeyes3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Uh um... You need balls of steel to stand up against exclusives like GOW3, GT5, TLG. Calling it 'teh best hardcore lineup' is subjective, but if you look at the PS3 catalog, all game scream hardcore. PS3 begins really strong early next year with GOW3 and then the almighty GT5. Year ending with Agent/Resistance 3/Killzone 3/TLG..... That is one hardcore lineup.

Natal might give the 360 a bump later during the year, but I am definitely sure PS3 will own the first half quiet easily (talking in terms of sales) especially with motion controller, GOW3, GT5 (360 might check off Japan and Europe for at least 3-4 months (maybe a year for Japan)), FF13...

Natal might prove to be a double edge sword. As far as gaming implementation goes, I don't see many shooters using it at all. So that leaves a huge void in the hardcore gaming dream, but knowing M$, they will advertise it as the second coming of Jesus Christ and could sell well. But on contrary, if it fails to live up to the lofty expectations (cough Milo), then it will really blow up in M$es face as if Natal fails, 360 can kiss the 2nd place goodbye. Plus the biggest threat to Natal will be Wii 2 if it gets released.. This could seriously throw a wrench in M$es dream of owning the casual market (even Sony's). As I said, it will be successful or else will lie with the other failed products from M$.

Sarcasm3299d ago

Meh, the 360 could have all it wants just as long as I get my hands on GoWIII, GT5, and The Last Guardian.

HolyOrangeCows3299d ago

But meanwhile, it's still 2009, and my 360 is gathering dust.

3299d ago
Bungie3299d ago

*The Kings*

Halo Reach
"Unannounced Title"

*The big boys*

Mass Effect 2
SplinterCell Conviction
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Fable 3
"Unannounced Racing game Title" (i think already leaked)

*The Soldiers*

Kingdom Under Fire 2
Metro 2033
Ninety-Nine-Nights 2
Supreme Commander 2
The secret world(could get pushed till 2011)

*The Secret Weapons*

you have to wait...sorry

3299d ago
Bungie3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

i think i proved my point here

when thing get tough ... you go to your PC

Peace out

hay3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

While Xbox 360 has some nice exclusives, most games are superior on PC and that's the way most people want to play them. Example: While I love Mass Effect, I couldn't really consider it getting on Xbox since PC version is head and shoulders above, but a bit later to the party.

It won't be different with it's sequel, Alan Wake or Conviction.

@Bungie: Hardly a point. When you have decent gaming PC, Xbox and PS3 it's obvious you'll be getting the superior versions of the multiplats. There's just no logical explanation for getting inferior console version for more money than cheaper and superior PC version.

Bungie3299d ago

@ hay

can you explain why PS3 *gamer* buy inferior multiplats if they can buy the superior version on PC

some 360/PC games sells on the 360 more than exclusives

Shadow Flare3299d ago

What are they planning to do, release a reliable console?

hay3299d ago

@Bungie: I think it's not a matter of PS3 "gamer" but fanboyish stubborness in overall. Some people can't accept or just don't get the "superior version" thingy between consoles where differences aren't as big as Console VS PC.
If differences are small, people just don't care about it. If are big, it's a case worth considering.
And there come personal preferences and matter of console possession. Most fanboys have only one console they're fighting for. Multiplat owners are more open minded and buy versions they feel are better for them.

And if by PS3 "gamers" you mean fanboys, I can't give you the answer. They bypass any logical explanation.

Nihilism3299d ago

looks like the 360 gamers are going to O.D on casual gaming next year

bjornbear3299d ago

i doubt any real gamer gives a damn about casual games, natal, and a marketing campaign if he doesn't get decent games and his console's life span still remains unreliable =/

Good news for MS, no news for video games

Hellsvacancy3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Dont tell me there gonna release the REAL prod figures

And @commodore64 - Sony has more then a bunch of exclusives in 2010

ABizzel13299d ago

Having only to 2 points doesn't really shock and awe at all.

Using Natal as their relaunch is going to be interesting. I don't see it being as successful as MS is trying to make it seem. For it to do what they want they NEED to bundle it with the 360 from launch forward, and have the games to back it up. Fanboys will buy it just to support MS, but the majority of current 360 owners need to see if NATAL's going to be worth the purchase. We know Fable 3 is suppose to have NATAL support, but one game they HAVE to get with NATAL exclusive features is Call of Duty that will entice a nice chuck of current 360 owners to purchase NATAL (a couple 100k to 1 million). But it's still too so we'll just have to see.

Their second point was the games. And this I agree with. MS always market their games like their the best game on any platform. Which Sony still hasn't done.

Sony's marketing is much better, but they still don't make their games the end all of games. Reviewers and gamers do, but outside of that group the unaware have no clue what to buy (which means Sony needs to make great commercials for their exclusive games).

But back to Microsoft. All the games on that list are going to be heavy hitters with the exception of Crackdown 2 (Crackdown is very fun, but it's nothing Epic unless they overhaul the game this time). Supposedly MMO's will rear their heads on the 360 early this year (MMO's have been long overdue). And with 3rd party games like Call of Duty being marketed as if their exclusive to the 360, MS is going to have a very good 2010 that will be close to or on par with Sony's.

Now my question what happens after that? The trend with MS is 2 decent years one amazing year.

2005 - 2006 Console launched with mediocore games, Gears of War only standout

2007 - Exclusive after exclusive after exclusive came out with amazing quality.

2008 - 2009 Pretty good years. Nice set of exclusives, but nothing mind blowing.

2010 - Exclusive after exclusive after exclusive coming out with amazing quality.

So what's going to happen after 20101. My guess is this.

2011 - 2012 The final years of the XBox 360, because I bet they launch their next console in 2012 if not 2011 (2011 = 6 year cycle and MS has taken the strategy Sony used for the PS2 every step of the way).

Guido3299d ago

Halo sales. Sorry, but there is nothing on the 360 lineup that screams greatness.

starvinbull3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

While I'd love to believe you I just don't see it. M$ have run out of steam now that people are starting to outclass the best looking 360 games on the PS3.

Seriously if M$ can outclass the visuals of Killzone 2 I think it will turn the whole generation against Sony but I have no reason to believe they will as they haven't come close so far and have dropped the HD requirement on games developers.

I'm all for optimisim but it has to be based on something.

raztad3299d ago

I have been playing (quite slowly but still) Gears 1 and ME 1 on my Radeon HD 3650 Laptop. It's not a gaming "rig" but it does pretty good at 720p. However it's a matter of fact multiplats look/run much better on a good enough PC. Thats why I'm building one, pretty soon, I think a Radeon HD 4870 will do wonders for my multiplats (and cheaper games).

That said if you want to stick with consoles, in general the "inferior" versions on PS3 are identical to the xboxs, but the horrid port called Bayonetta.

Each to his own, I'm looking forward to the PS3 set of exclusives. It's good to see MS stepping up its game, Facebook/twitter dont make for exclusive games.

Maddens Raiders3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

I once knew a President that hyped up shock & awe followed up with a photo op using a "Mission Accomplished" banner flowing behind him & we know how that panned out in the years following. Not sure how your campaign will go in 2010, but I would at least think about changing the vocabulary.

edit: @ LostDjinn -- I didn't see your comment below. Bravo! lol

KiRBY30003299d ago

GOW3+GT5+TLG+HEAVY RAIN > Everything on your list

DaTruth3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

MS has had the Mission Accomplished banner up since 2006!

Rumour: Yakuza 3 March 2010.

It's too bad they waited until now! This would have been a good reason to pick up a 360, but PS3 has far too much in 2010 to think about having another console to buy games for. But that Splinter Cell is looking very enticing!

Edit: @Below: That sounds strange coming from you!

lowcarb3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Both consoles will have great games next year plain and simple. All the talk about who's line up will be better is nothing more than talk. Just give me Alan Wake already and I'm happy. Really there's no need to sit here and fight like children over who has the better console.

Edit above: Just tired of arguing over games that's all.

Consoldtobots3299d ago

nope sorry, MS is not and will never be Apple, in other words they don't have the history of innovation or the ability to dominate a saturated market. I think 2010 will be another very strong year for the playstation brand. Im currently playing through the God of War collection and its even better than the first time around. Imagine what GOW3 will be like. Not to mention it will drop around the same time around GT5 and it's curtains for anyone that wants to compete. And that's just their two biggest titles next year.

frostypants3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Show us the games, Microsoft. Alan Wake two years too late, another Halo, and yet ANOTHER motion control gimmick despite the fact that if we actually wanted that sort of stuff we'd have bought a Wii? Really?

WHERE ARE THE GAMES??? Legitimately GOOD games, not products of marketing hype...

ape0073299d ago

shock and awe us,I just get chills down my spine just thinking about 2010

halo reach


enough,happy to be a gamer

ABizzel13299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

The PS3 had great exclusives every year (along with 1 or 2 duds). (from November - November since the console launched in November.)

2006 - 2007 = Resistance: FOM, Ratchet and Clank, Folklore, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Ridge Racer 7, Motorstorm, and Unreal Tournament 3 (timed exclusive). Why this wasn't put in a list of best games on PS3 back then I don't know.

2007 - 2008 = Gran Turismo 5: Pro, Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, SOCOM, Motorstorm 2, Ratchet and Clank, Naruto: UNS, MLB: 08, Resistance 2, and Valkyria Chronicles,

2008 - 2009 = Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Demon's Souls, Infamous, Ratchet and Clank, God of War Collection, MLB: 09. (Humh. The list got smaller)

So you mean to tell me that, Halo Reach, Splinter Cell Conviction, Mass Effect 2, Fable 3, Alan Wake, and Crackdown aren't on par with any of those years where PS3 owners knew they had a great line-up of games (even if they were spread out over the year). Not to mention MMO's like The Secret World, Champions online, possible Gears of War 3, more than likely Project Gotham 5, whatever comes out with NATAL, and the unannounced exclusive their sure to show at E3 2010.

Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 have amazing line-ups in 2010. Stop hating.

gaffyh3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

why do all you f***ing fanboys

type like this?

Fanboyism is too much for your non-existent pc

so you have to go to N4G on your mobile?

that's probably why fanboys are

so retarded, they don't have

a pc, so they argue against the valid

pc/x360 game is not exclusive


Asari Consort3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

I agree with Sarcasm.

Meh, PS3 can have all the hype it wants, just give me ME2, Alan Wake, SplinterCell Conviction, Natal and Halo Reach.|

Number One got 72 disagrees in a 360 article? I'm not sure how this site works but how is that possible?

Genesis53299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Still doesn't solve reliability issues or the issues with dvd9 that are going to start coming up more often.

AnZ17N3299d ago

The eyetoy on the ps2 did the exact same thing. ie motion sensing, your body being the controller stuff type stuff. Although, Sony never did give it any backing on par with what Microsoft is doing, so their loss I guess.

FACTUAL evidence3299d ago

But the only thing MS gamers are going to turn back to is MW2, we all know they are going to ignore alen wake, and ME2....more halo anyone?

morkendo3299d ago

and if NATAL fall flat on its a$$ then what M$??? cant use HALO as a raft forever!!

FACTUAL evidence3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

"In the REAL WORLD if one makes comments on something they never experienced or came in contact with, the world views you as FOOL."

I lol'ed^^^

you don't have to try everything to see that you don't like it, i think you can say, you don't like certain things when you never tried it. Sometimes i see certain games and know they suck just because i don't like the genre or something. But what i wanted to point out is when you said the "REAL WORLD". I don't like gay sex and never tried it, and never will, but i guess i'm a fool right?

WenisWagon3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Articles about how much Microsoft is owning will be coming out left and right, meaning there is going to be a daily flood of tears from the droids. Can't wait.

PS3 fanboys: Please don't PLAY B3HIND, and Jump In.

4Sh0w3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Same old Democrats and Republicans. I'll leave the politics to the usual n4g politicians, in my eyes anyone who screams my console is better is just a fanboy, reasonable folks know the best just depends on what you like. Its not like one is a Yugo and ones a Ferrari. Neither is so far ahead in terms of what they offer that you could make a difinitive case why one console is better than the other. GAMERS know its best to have both consoles and then it doesn't matter at all cause whether sony or microsoft has a better year, you benefit either way.

This blog is ridiculous, sure there were some hit or miss releases for 360 but based on the games like Halo Wars which was the only RTS I ever enjoyed on a console, the GTA4 episodes were better than the game, then with ODST, Forza3, L4D2 rounding out the year, and of course all year with bigtime multiplats between releases, I would say it was far from a bad year, just not as great as others. That said 360 fanboys need to give credit where credit is due, cause Sony had a great year all around, some really great exclusives released this year, sony cut the price and sales have picked up, only the PSPgo was a downside imo, but I'd say ps3 had a better overall year than 360. Good for Sony, they deserved it. Also it seems the "I will get the PC version is 99% of the time just lip service from some fanboys because one look at the PC section of this site and its completely lifeless for PC exclusives like WoW, Arma 2, Sims series, Civilization series, Aion, Dawn of War, yet 360/PC related games get lots of attention. Why is that? I find it very hard to believe someone who has a decent rig is only concerned about a PC game when its 360/PC exclusive but never bothers to comment about how much he likes some of the best PC exclusives that barely ever get any heat on this site, anything to downplay one or the other console I guess. Democrats and Republicans.

Trebius3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

No one even said any fanboy comments, until you started calling out the fanboy crowd, you enjoy seeing flamewars cause you're a little boy who has no excitement in his life other than this website and his video games, I pity you, the lone fanboy :)

On Topic:

Both consoles are going to have interesting years. I for 1 am not in the least concerned with Natal or the PS3's dildo wand thing, I'm just looking forward to the games I can play with a remote in my handd.

Why the hell would I want to stand up and play video games...I mean come on...

Whether you're coming home after a hard day's work, after a bit of drinking, stoned, whatever it may be, you NEVER want to get off your couch to play video I vote no-confidence on the whole Natal project.

It will undoubtedly sell millions because they'll market it to no end.

But that doesnt mean itll be good.

Look at the Wii for God's sake...they sold more than they ever imagined they would, and not 1 of their 3rd party games sells more than a mil units.

Even nintendo's own games have trouble selling more than a mill (some of them), and they have over 120mil Wiis sold.

Dont know about you, but i think all this Gimmick shlt is only going to be a bust in the end.

2cents3299d ago

well said 4sh0w!

Either side we sit on, 2010 is gonna be a sweet year for gaming.
The ones of us that choose both sides are gonna benefit the most.

Bring on 2010!!!

3299d ago
Saaking3299d ago

What could MS possible have? Unless they make online free, I don't think they'll "shock" anyone and the only thing that will have me in "awe" is PS3 exclusives.

Bungie3299d ago

lmao more than 100 disagrees

i must be famous

prunchess3299d ago

Not famous. Just wrong.

"can you explain why PS3 *gamer* buy inferior multiplats if they can buy the superior version on PC "

Not everyone can afford multiple consoles and PCs.

YogiBear3299d ago

Seriously dude! Does MS ask you to spit or swallow? Quit writing coming soon lists. Video games are a hands on experience and so far this year Xbox is lacking. Next year is a new Halo game. Oh joy, I've never played one of those before! S/

kneon3298d ago

Please explain how I'm going to play COD (or any shooter for that matter) using Natal? I just can't see it working well. I keep seeing people make statements like this but have yet to see anyone suggest a plausible control mechanism using just natal that will give you everything you need to do in a shooter.

Am I to mimic on screen movements such as running, jumping, crouching, laying down etc? I don't think so, I need to keep an eye on the screen and such movements won't help with that. controlling on screen movement is going to be problematic. Am I to use some sort of gesture to indicate what I want? So I can throw a grenade by performing an actual throw, it's going to be difficult for the camera to pick up my intended trajectory very well. some things could work well, for example I expect it could easily detect when you bring an invisible gun up towards your face and so it would switch to the scope/sight view on the gun. But how about something as simple as pulling a trigger? will it have the accuracy and responsiveness to detect such subtle and quick movements? I'm skeptical. Even if it can be made to work most actions will not work nearly as well as they would with physical buttons.

I think Natal is cool technology but it's not going to be suitable for every type of game.

matchgrade3298d ago

Or really wrong. That's usually what disagrees indicate.

Kevin ButIer3298d ago

*The Kings*

Halo Reach ... WoW thats new ¬¬
NATAL Thats not even a game
"Unannounced Title" ???? give me a break LOL

What about...

Heavy Rain


ozps33298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

"1 -
Just watch

MS have the best hardcore line up in 2010

and will own the casual with natal

and there's stuff i cannot speak about"

HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA, haven't laughed his hard in a long while.

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4point7BillionLoss3299d ago

Millions of kids who are bored of their wii's will be.

Expected first week sales of NATAL = 4.7 Billion units ;-)

xaviertooth3299d ago

@1.0 bot

you fail even in humor.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33299d ago

Lets bring it down to earth here people - Natal is only going to be a 50-60$ peripheral - a wifi adapter costs more than that! I'm sure they will have plenty of glorified minigames like XboxSports or XboxFit, but revolutionizing the industry it will not.

Mr_Bun3299d ago

It won't take much to top xbox releases for 2009

LostDjinn3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

M$ might want to choose a different tactic. Seems "shock n awe" didn't work too well when George used it last.

Sorry. I had to.

Bumpmapping3299d ago

More Halo and more useless features on Live.

Jump Out.

Narutone663299d ago

I was thinking that the xbox 360 is going to be more defective that you're going to get electrical shock while turning it on or while playing a game.