Ostendo 43-inch curved monitor: The ultimate gaming display?

"If your existing display just isn't cutting it any more, then it might be time to step up to Ostendo's 43-inch curved monitor. This long-awaited display is now available to buy for just under US$6,500."

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Zedux3301d ago

looking forward for a U$200 version sometime in the future!

Projekt7tuning3301d ago

The resolution is kind of low for that size no? 2880-by-900 pixel resolution. I guess it does not really matter. Just when you look at some of the high end 30 inches from Apple, Dell it seems a bit low. but I guess it would make it easy for the ATI 5970 to pump out major frames.

Nihilism3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

i'm just waiting on a 24" 1920*1200 120hz monitor


what makes you say that?


yeah 120frames with vsync is the dream. my next 2 upgrades are a video card, then the new monitor. Even when playing games at 60 frames constant it still blurs when turning fast in fps games because 60 frames isn't fast enough to appear 100% smooth when moving fast ( and people still think the human eye can't see more than 60 frames, lol).

They only make 2 models of 120hz monitors though, and they are 22". 120hz tv's are also not true 120hz ( aka 120hz from the source to 120hz displayed), they just display each frame several times.

toaster3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

You could get some crazy frames with a beast like that. I'm running one 24" 1920x1200 but only at 60hz. Dell 2407WFP.

[EDIT] Can't wait for it! As soon as I get $1000!!
I run FRAPS for everything. The highest FPS I've ever seen on my rig is around 140FPS on CSS, but that's a very old game and doesn't take much to run it. But still, some games struggle with 30FPS. LOL

Nihilism3301d ago

Screen tear is a b!tch though, I don't run any games without v-sync on, in which case i'm limited to 60 frames with my monitor. Hopefully they will be out soon, but I figure there's no point in getting a 120hz monitor when like you said, most games can't run that high. The one games I really want it for is farcry 2, 120hz would be insane. I also plan to get the 3d glasses to see how it goes. I've gotta save them $'s though, little by little

Pekka3301d ago

You should remember that ALL movies are just 24fps, even huge action movies. Even If you watch DVD or BR on 120Hz TV, the movie is still actually 24fps. Some made-for-TV movies are 30fps but movies in movie theaters are always only 24fps. Strangely, few people complain about that...

Nihilism3301d ago

I realise that, but low frame rates are much less relevant when it is a movie, when you are in control though, responsiveness is everything, and frame rates become much more important. 120hz is still better for movies though, even if it is cheating, because 30frame recordings have their frames displayed 4 times a second, and 24 frame movies like blu ray have each frame displayed 5 times, giving the illusion of smoothness, whereas 24 frames on a 60 hz tv etc does not go into it evenly, which is why you see 'judder'. What i'm talking about is gaming, where 120hz comes from the source. It makes all the difference, all old crt monitors could display much higher frame rates, some as high as 300hz

zagibu3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

@Pekka: Movies are 24fps, because with analog filming techniques, motion blur creates smooth movements. This doesn't work anymore with digital filming, which is obvious if you watch a digitally filmed movie converted to an analog film roll (which is still very common in european theatres). There is a reason why twitch games usually opt for 60fps.

@dchalfont: Are you sure your monitor is actually fast enough to switch pictures every 16ms (60Hz) without afterglow or ghosting? A lot of monitors can't do that, and the 5ms or whatever they claim to have is actually an artificial measurement that is only true for changes in a certain color range using a special brightness and contrast setting. In other words, it's marketing bullcrap. So it might not be the 60Hz that are bothering you, but the ghosting or afterglow effects. What monitor do you use?

If you plan to use 3d-glasses, then you do need a 120Hz monitor anyway, though, because those display the pictures for both eyes separately, and thus have to display twice as many pictures as regular monitors.

Also, why do you want a 16:10 monitor, when the future is 16:9?

Nihilism3300d ago

it's not the response time that bothers me, there is no actual blurring, it just goes out of focus because the frame rate isn't smooth, after turning quickly your eyes need to adjust, 60 frames is definately too slow for fps. Ask any pro fps gamer, they all use CRT monitors.

The future is also not 16:9, there are many different aspect ratio's even with blu rays, such as 1.85:1 and 2.39:1, which is the ratio cinemas use, and the original recordings are designed for. Even with blu rays you can often get black bars on the bottom on a 16:9 tv.

with a 16:10 monitor, it is the same width, meaning there is no stretching whatsoever, there will be black bars on the bottom, but it is irrelevant as you still get the full unstretched pixel: pixel image.

The benefit of 16:10 is the extra horizontal pixels, which are better for use with gaming and regular computer use, 16:9 is fine for movies, but there are no down sides to 16:10 because you don't miss out on any image as well as getting the extra horizontal size

zagibu3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Well, if you look at new monitors, they are all in 16:9, so yes, it is the future.
Also, Pro FPS gamers use CRTs, because of the input lag that is present in TFT displays.

Nihilism3300d ago

No they do it because 99% of LCD's are stuck at 60hz with v-sync

zagibu3300d ago

If you say so. Maybe we'll discuss it again when 120Hz screens are mainstream and the Pros still keep their CRTs?

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UltimateSin3301d ago

That says monitor not TV. Blindness will ensue...

Perjoss3301d ago

curved screens are the way ahead, when you think about it, if you are using a large TV or monitor the image only really looks correct when you look into the middle, looking to the left or right edges or into the corners makes the image look skewed, the larger the screen the more apparent this effect is. A curved screen fixes this problem nicely.

tdrules3301d ago

If you're left/right of a curved screen you won't see the whole picture rofl.

I'm saving up for some nvidia goodness, spec monitor n all, not cheap D:

zagibu3301d ago

If the curvature of the screen was extended to cover most of the entire field of view of a human being, game engines would have to be rewritten, because they all use a rectangle as viewport.

timestoby3301d ago

24" isnt really 24 inches,only notice that while i been searching out a good monitor. i see the higher res displays are like 2014x1154 or something lol.

tdrules3301d ago

Pixelcount =/= screen size

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