Out of this world: Alienware launches its fastest gaming notebooks and PCs

PC WORLD: "Alienware has announced the availability of five new gaming systems. Among the new models are a powerful 15in gaming notebook -- the Alienware M15x -- as well as four liquid-cooled & overclocked Intel Core i7–equipped desktop systems. Check out the slideshow for detailed information and pics."

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csimpson3277d ago

I've seen the M15x run Crysis at playable frame rates. Not too shabby for a notebook!

toaster3277d ago

would be paying for the logo. You can build a better PC for a lot cheaper and a lot better performance.

Cosquae3277d ago

Desktops, no problems.

Notebooks (like the M15x), not so easy.

mastiffchild3277d ago

IMO it's only really worth getting one of these from PCWorld(or whoever)if you can blaf it on their cool renta deals with full tech support and canupgrade every year/18months. You have to have a business but online Ebay shops will do-then it's a devent idea andcheaper than making your own PC in the long run even if you don't own it. It's what we used to do for a while when my missus' mum ran a little shop anyway.

STK0263277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I buy myself a laptop every one or two years, having to pay 2000-3000$ isn't too bad for me. Having a desktop would be much cheaper, but since I spend most of my time either at work or at university, a notebook is pretty much necessary.

I never bought an AlienWare, but next year is the year.

btw Toaster, you said in another article that someone got your name and that it suprised you, seems rather obvious to me, your avatar is a Cylon head...

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3277d ago
hoops3277d ago

Laptop are tricky to build. Desktops easy.

champ213277d ago

gaming laptops are a luxury so sure they worth the premium.

i have a g260m on my sager laptop it runs all the games(asides crysis) @ 1080p around 60fps when hooked up to a hdtv.

though i travel alot and it also comes in handy for work.

id say they are worth the investment if you wanna game on the move.

Qdog3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

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