The Saboteur Leaked. Possible Revenge By Pandemic?

More than a week before the scheduled date, The Saboteur has been found online. Question is, who did it?

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Sarcasm3299d ago

Nothing new, move along.

rodeoo3299d ago

played it last night...its decent

dkblackhawk503299d ago

That's one way to get revenge at Electronic Arts.

velcry3299d ago

I mean, apart from the complete lack of evidence in the article, I don't think it quite gels that someone at Pandemic did it for revenge.

It's not that I believe every single employee at Pandemic loved the company and game so much that they wouldn't have done it - it's always possible someone who was sufficiently pissed off did it.

I think the more interesting point is raised by RadiantFlux at comment 3, that after all the leaks this year, it's more likely that someone at a common distribution / packaging plant is stealing the games as they go to gold master.

RadientFlux3299d ago

Glad the pirates will miss out on the free DLC. Though I doubt it was anyone at Pandemic that leaked the title.

The majority of games this year, have been leaked out before the official release date. My guess is that the game was leaked out by someone at duplication plant or retail.

Kushan3299d ago

What a ridiculous conclusion. Show me a game that HASN'T leaked at least a week before release!

Polluted3299d ago

You're absolutely right. EVERYTHING leaks.

TOO PAWNED3299d ago

Sims 3 was leaked 3-4 weeks before release date...

Hellsvacancy3299d ago

And Halo ODST, MW2, L4D2, Assassins Creed 2 the list goes on, this aint news

AndyA3299d ago

Groundless speculation, bad article. Avoid.

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The story is too old to be commented.