Assassin's Creed 3: (Part 2) When & Where To Next?

OXCGN looks at more possible time periods and locations for AC3 in Part 2:

"When and where will Assassin's Creed 3 take place? In Part 1 I outlined four possible options and now with Part 2 we will look at several more."

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GrathiusXR3277d ago

Where the game is set in the 3rd one I just want more Assassins Creed..

The ending for ACII was just WTF! And I was honestly not expecting it to go that far from what was hinted! I mean seriously it was awesome!!!!

Ubi Montreal take your time and develop it with care :)

gaminoz3277d ago

Warning Spoilers....

Sounds a bit like that book The Charlemagne Pursuit where there were these advanced other beings who 'helped' humanity with tech etc. through the ages and then died off. Here the difference is that they 'created' humans and enslaved them...

I still want locations that are historic and have that authentic feel. I don't mind if it goes back in time before the Renaissance. Desmond's bit can be modern.

Hellsvacancy3277d ago

I think the 3rd will b the last Assassins Creed we will c this gen, or itll atleast b the end of Desmonds story, i think itll b set in the present day

BadCircuit3277d ago

There are so many locations to choose from. I hope that Ubisoft Montreal makes the right choice like it has in the first two.

Shadow Flare3277d ago

Maybe going back to a sort of Pirates of the Caribbean time would be cool

gaminoz3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I hear that there is a Pirates of the Caribbean prequel open-world game being made already....I don't really think it is the right fit for AC.

I also don't like the Feudal Japan choice some people seem to think is a good fit. Templars in samurai-land. We've enough ninja and samurai games already.

Syaz13277d ago

but i know some time around ww2 era the japanese invaded china. china seems like a great place, it also has cities like shanghai. lots of blood spilled too, and apparently the japs ran some secret experiment on the locals as well. the japs dont seem like templar material though. i dont mind a chinese assassin though, there aren't many chinese characters in a video game.

AliTheBrit193277d ago

Personally I'm hoping England

Dark Ages England setting? yes please!

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