DiRT 2 PC demo leaked

DiRT 2 PC demo leaked to the public. PC release is coming December 1st and will feature DirectX 11 graphics from ATI.

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Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

This game looks incredible on my 360 (connected to a Samsung Plasma).

I can only imagine what it looks like on a nice PC.

toaster3300d ago

That's waht it'll look like.

I don't have a DX11 card though. :(

champ213300d ago

its gonna be an awesome looking game. cant wait. have it on preorder since it popped up on steam.

dreamoner3300d ago

i played the demo with my mounth fully open! it's the best game ever for me and probably the best in the genre! the game is more than awesome! awe-quite-a-bit.. awe-whole-darn-lot! just incredible.. handling super... graphics are fantastic.. menu is drastic.. perfecto!!!

i played at high settings(1680*1050,4x multisampling) with my msi gt725 laptop(p8600-hd4850mobility) at high performance.. but i dont know if it is dx10 or dx11..

LightofDarkness3300d ago

That would be DX10, more than likely (could be DX9, I don't know how the game handles DX settings). It's definitely not DX11, as the GTX275 is only capable of DX10, no Nvidia chip is capable of DX11 until Fermi hits the market in early 2010.

Anyone have an ATI HD5xxx series card? Care to share your impressions? Does DX11 add much to the experience?

Maxilive3300d ago

It will be running in DX9 as Dirt 2 only has DX9 or DX11 no SX 10 settings.

I have a 5870 but I'm at work atm and can't get the download links to work, also setup my eyefinity setup last week so that should be interesting.

Bodster3300d ago

Ill be getting an ATi Radeon 5770 very soon, cant wait for this game! :D

jjesso19933300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

i wonder how it performs on a 5750 i thinking of getting one for my pc iam building cant decided what get 4870 or 5750

heres video of what it looks like on 5750 a lower end dx11 cant imagine this on 5970

champ213300d ago

whats your budget for the gpu?

i would advice you can cut corners on any other part on the pc.. but the gpu. everything heavily depends on this part, nothing will make up for a bad gpu.

dirthurts3300d ago

5xxx series would be better for future games.
Otherwise...I would go 4890 if you can.

thabigboss3300d ago

i will post some screens of dx11 when i finish downloading it