1UP Community Debates Modern Warfare 2

1UP writes:
"As the highest profile game to be released this holiday gaming season, it's no surprise plenty of people have made Modern Warfare 2 something of a hot topic. Ever since its launch on November 11, members of 1UP's community have been giving their opinions on the game -- from the gameplay to the controversies surrounding the storyline. Because we like highlighting some of the best content from our bloggers and forum posters, we felt like pulling together some of the best comments for you to peruse over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Hopefully you'll agree with some of the points made here -- and if you do or don't, feel free to chime in as well or post a link to something you've written about the game."

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jjohan353305d ago

On the PS3, I saw over 350,000 players online at any single time over Thanksgiving weekend.

Darkstorn3305d ago

Infinity Ward made some mistakes with the game (the F.A.G.S. debacle, the P.R. fiasco for No Russian, and the removal of dedicated servers for the PC version), but they still made a great game. It may not have the story of MGS4, or the fun factor of Uncharted 2, or the graphics of Killzone 2, but it packs so damn much content onto the disc that one just has to congratulate the developer for its great work. And we should congratulate them for not taking out split screen, as seems to be the norm for many modern games.

BattleAxe3305d ago

The single player campaign was a great ride and the fact there are so many Spec Ops mission is great, but beyond that It doesn't have that same addictive alure to it like CoD4 and CoD: WaW had.

bumnut3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

thats because cod games use the same game engine and it is getting old.

it has been surpassed by the likes of battlefield 1943/bc2 & red faction.
You can't get away with none destructable environments in this kind of game.

GrieverSoul3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

I just gave you a bubble for the corage to say that.
In a site where everyone seems to worship MW2 is refreshing to read a diferent opinion.

CoD4 had the best multiplayer EVER! WaW didnt do it for me so I passed. MW2 is great! Got the Platinum trophy and moved on to the multiplayer. 12 hours of it and I´m kind of tired of it. I mean, I play it now since my buddies literally drag me by spamming invites but the addiction factor from CoD4 wore off. It good, but I wont put another 12 days of gameplay on this one like I did CoD4.

Lich1203305d ago


Im not disagreeing with you because surely your opinion is your own, but Im a sharp contrast in that I much prefer MW2's multi over MW1. I think this mostly has to with level design. I feel like a lot more effort went into designing MW2's levels to really cut out camping. Nearly ever portion of every map has 3 ways of getting to it. High ground is advantages at times, but at others makes you extremely obvious and just gets you killed.

talltony3305d ago

I agree with you 100% MW2 just doesnt have the same addiction factor that Cod4 did. Imo Cod4 had better maps, less campers because of the shorter killstreaks, more balanced when everyone was limited to 1 pistol and 1 gun (unless you had overkill), and it even had a better hit box I think. I have tried to enjoy MW2 online but its just so hard too cause well its just not as fun as cod4 which to me is really dissapointing cause I was really looking forward to MW2. I am gonna go back to Uncharted 2.

jjohan353305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

I agree that we should congratulate developers that don't remove splitscreen from games. It was great to play with visiting families/friends over the holiday weekend instead of passing the controller from person to person. Recent FPS games have totally removed splitscreen (esp 4 player splitscreen), both multiplat games and exclusive games.

I disagree with the comment that killstreaks have encouraged camping. I think, if anything, killstreaks have encouraged players to stay alive longer than to run aimlessly through the maps. And I also agree with the comment above that the maps in MW2 have encouraged less camping since there are multiple access points to every corner of the map AND objective based game modes have their flags out in the open instead of in some tight chokepoint/room (chokepoints encourage grenade spamming like in Killzone 2).

I thought Red Faction had bland gameplay, so you can't compare it with MW2. If you don't agree with me, just look at the multiplayer online community (it dwindled only after a few months). I don't think it's really fair to compare the Battlefield games with MW2 only because MW2 is designed to be relatively close combat in small, special ops squads. Battlefield games, on the other hand, have larger scale warfare. Having destructible environments in small special ops combat is unnecessary (it's like asking for destructible environments in Uncharted 2 multiplayer--completely unnecessary).

I should note that the auto aim (or aim assist) in the recent Bad Company 2 beta is absolutely worse than MW2's auto aim. BC2's auto aim literally glues the cross hairs to the enemy, which I think is absolutely lame and should be removed.

I personally thought that MW2 fixed a lot of problems that MW1 had. I also thought MW2 multiplayer maps were much better designed than MW1. However I do agree that MW2 does not have the addictive factor that MW1 had going for it.

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CrippleH3305d ago

"For me the realism aspect doesn't manifest in how quickly I can die from a bullet, or how the aiming/firing mechanism comes close to firing a real rifle"

Didn't know real rifles have no actual kickback and recoil.

Maddens Raiders3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

..but who the hell cares what the 1up community debates?

Noob3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

"1UP Community Debates Modern Warfare 2"....and? Lmao, who cares. This can't be news. People and communitys debate sh!t ALL THE TIME, lol, especially on here. I guess it should be news too.

barom3305d ago

and on top of that the debate wasn't even that good.

OGharryjoysticks3305d ago

and Roebuck is cooler than Soap :)

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