First Major Modern Warfare 2 Title Update Incoming

In replay of the glitches and matchmaking problems of Modern Warfare 2, Robert Bowling just tweeted that they planning a major title update for Modern Warfare 2.

"At the moment were on Holiday (Thanksgiving) but playing and tracking feedback for the first major title update."

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Bnet3433303d ago

I haven't been able to spot any glitches, but I have had problems with matchmaking and my party getting dropped randomly. I hope this update get that fixed.

BattleAxe3303d ago

Parties often get separated when the rooms migrate, plus the one thing I hate is that the claymores are basically useless in MW2.

N2NOther3303d ago

I love that claymores are useless. Far less tool boxes using them.

outlawlife3303d ago

claymores aren't useless if you know how to use them, i get claymore kills all the time

Jamrock32923303d ago

FIX THE SHOTGUN RANGE OMGOODNESS...they snipe me with shotguns now..those damn models

BI0RAPTOR3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

I hope they include the fix of the little lag I sometimes get within matches,

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shovelbum3302d ago

During private party matches, some of my friends would randomly get dropped out of matches and I noticed some serious lag in a few matches over the weekend. It would be nice if the matchmaking would cap levels, or at least have the option available, such as lvl 1-20, 20-40, and so on. It seems that low levels are always in with people 40-50 levels beyond them. Also I second the akimbo shotguns.

borgome3302d ago

The only glitch I've noticed is if I'm using the care package killstreak the odd time I'll get a dud, nothing in it.

I still love claymores, along with scavanger I get s ton load of claymore kills. I've had double kills off one claymore. I love hearing the "click boom!", then I just go and pick up another off the dead body, then rinse and repeat.

MasFlowKiller3302d ago

I seen guys sniping with shotgun and handguns from across the map and getting the kills, ether fix that or remover the Pucking Distance and Damage statistics from the game cause the seems points less, i know a bullets is a pullet no matter wat guns shots it but making every gun 2 bullets kill is just idiotic specially when is a handgun shoting an enemy from across the Pucking maps and getting the kill, some of the kills people are getting are just not logical

i saw a guy trow a knife from his one his HQ to the other HQ and get the kill, i seen that sh!t make an impossible bounce and kill someone.


SeNiLe9113302d ago

this guy got 4 kills with one claymore on us while playing hardcore headquarters. He must have been happy.

Another thing we saw last night was a group of @$$'s using the Javelin Glitch, we still won!

borgome3302d ago

Youtube is a blocked website at my office :(

What is the Javelin glitch?

TheBlackSmoke3302d ago

Only a few things really bother me more than the noob akimbo BS...

first off there HAS to be more of a punishment for leavers. The game is full of weak ass campers who try to pad their K/D ratio every match and leave when its not going there way, effectively screwing the team they leave behind especially in objective based match types where number of players is everything. Maybe deducting 10 kills every time you leave would encourage people to man the f*ck up and get gud. There also needs to be 5 seconds of invulnerability after a host change, cant count how many times the clock has counted down to restart the match and I've been instakilled.

How about having matchtypes with killstreaks turned off, i find that i've been killed more by killstreaks then actual bullets. You can say that's part of the game or that i suck but in the end i have no control over if a killstreak kills me or not, i just have to accept it and its not like the person using it was playing great, rather he just camped with hardline whilst the rest of them team did the objectives.

Also i HATE when im looking for a lobby to join but instead get dropped in to the middle of a match, usually on the loosing team and with all sorts of killstreak rewards raining down on me. Why can't there be an option to say "hey i only want to join pre game lobbies"?, after all didn't 100 billion people buy this game?, im sure theres at least one pre game lobby running for me to join at any time.

SeNiLe9113302d ago

a glitch that allows the noob that can't get a kill any other way to run around with a Javelin like any other gun (pull the trigger and BANG, DEAD! No waiting for it to lock on to a location with the glitch) but with the power of still the Javelin, and works well indoors taking out everyone.

I do think it kills the noob as well but if you have 2 or 3 teammates capping a headquarters, the noob can run in and take out everyone and himself with the Javelin Glitch. I saw 3 being taken out at a time a few times.

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dirthurts3303d ago

No actual info except the fact that there is a title update coming. I could have told you guys that much.

willie323303d ago

In this update, I would love to see one thing added to the game's HUD. How about a killstreak counter? There are too many times in the heat of battle that I lose count of my killstreaks. Especially, when I am going for my AC-130, I lose track after my seventh kill in a row.

-Alpha3303d ago

Also, though I'm happy there are ironing out the glitches and all, I am wondering if they are going to make any major changes.

I personally want Juggernaut back just because Stopping Power is incomparable, or at least Stopping Power to do less damage.

The game is great but I find dying/killing is much too easy and fast and it's usually due to the Stopping Power.

Also, Assault Rifles need to be toned down-- there needs to be some idle sway and more recoil.

I don't really mind care packages but I would like for it to be a little more harder to get the better killstreaks than it already is.

I understand that they are trying to make this more casual-friendly and though the game is still very competitive, I would love for the above modifications.

willie323303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

A second thing I would love to see changed, get rid of the deathstreaks. I hate running into a person who has one (pill) and I am on a long killstreak.

TheBest3303d ago

What's funny is that you can't kill a person who has Painkiller on (or the 'pill' as you said) with a predator missile. I mean, COME ON! A direct hit with it should kill anyone!

Pillage053303d ago

I want to see them try a playlist that doesn't have killstreak rewards. It'd be interesting to see if people actually played it, and if it would cut the camping down. I was in a domination game where my team destroyed the other in points. We had double their score, but there was one buy camping in a building with one man army and nuked us at the end so we lost. It was stupid.

Personally I would prefer they tone down the grenade launcher attachment. Or make a perk that reduces explosive damage taken. I know there's the blast shield, but c'mon...using that thing sucks.

frostypants3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

-I think the guns that need to be toned down are the light machine guns. Just like the first Modern Warfare, they are WAY too accurate and have far too little recoil. They should be set to be exceedingly inaccurate unless fired while prone. Right now they are laser-accurate.
-Shotguns need waaaaaaaaaaay more recoil, too.
-The Magnum sounds weak...c'mon, give it some "oomph".
-They need to nerf the Commando perk. I have seen way too many people warp into knife kills from 20 feet away whilst getting shot repeatedly. It ends up functioning more like a glitch than a perk.
-The semi-autos to be toughened up a bit. There should be more incentive to using a semi-auto weapon. As it is, the FAL feels no more accurate or powerful per round than the SCAR-H. What's the point?
-Enact an accuracy penalty for all dual-wield loadouts.
-On the 360, give us the ability to map the gun/sight functions to the shoulder buttons...the triggers on the 360 feel far too sloppy/mushy for this...especially with semi-auto weapons. Isn't that how the PS3 is setup? Why not the 360?


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