Cyber Monday PS3 Deals Roundup

PS3Vault writes: "Black Friday was just the start. Now get ready for Cyber Monday by checking out the following deals (note, some deals not posted until Monday morning so bookmark this post). Amazon, GameStop and Walmart also sell used games at great prices (do you really need to pay more just for shrinkwrap?). And don't forget, you deserve a special gift too so pick yourself up something nice!"

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lordkemp0073302d ago

There are some pretty sweet deals going on for Xbox 360.

These include exclusive disc scratching , RROD, E74 errors and a lack of killer innovative titles all at no extra cost.
(apart from the PAY TO PLAY online service )

eagle213302d ago

xbox is made for idiots. :)

lordkemp0073302d ago

Dont forget T00L Tuesday exclusive xbox deals round-ups.

Offering superb deals on a wide range of overpriced peripherals all courtesy of micro$haft.

lordkemp0073302d ago

Lord Kemp has been taught an ancient Japanese proverb.

This explains why the xbox brand does not sell in Japan.

On my travels through Japan i met this ancient wise samurai master in a ruined temple in the mountains near Fuji.

He said to me, the young apprentice --- 'Wise man does not buy faulty products.'

3302d ago
JonnyBigBoss3302d ago

Awesome list. Thanks PS3vault.

BWS19823302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

I buy used once in a while, but I will only do it if I can look at the game and case and manual to see that it wasn't an object that survived a war or was used as a facial tissue or a plate for food...some people turn in the nastiest stuff and places don't clean them. I take rubbing alcohol to them, and will only buy if the disc isn't scratched and the manual is in tact and not bent, etc...the case being in good condition helps too, but I can find new ones of those on Ebay for a couple bucks if I have to. I want my stuff in good, clean order, and refuse to put nasty discs in a machine I paid $500 for (the MGS 4 bundle price in summer of 2008)...I can't replace it now, it's got software BC...