Planet Xbox 360: Left 4 Dead 2 Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "If you don't grasp the appeal of cutting through the bloodied maws of zombie hordes (I pity you), Left 4 Dead 2 will do little to sway your misguided opinion of the macabre sub-genre. Despite some much-appreciated additions, this is very much the same FPS in a new city, not that I'm complaining by any measure. Four (lucky?) survivors must slog through the infected citizens congesting five scenarios. If you're looking for a story, that's about as deep as it gets. L4D2 is a pure action experience rooted in arcade-style replayability, and the difficulty that implies. Valve's A.I. system, The Director, observes and adapts to every action. It doles out only enough medical supplies to keep you breathing, drops weaponry and ammo in changing locations, and replenishes the torrential waves of minions with tenacious brutality. The Director is the backbone of L4D2 that ensures your tenth experience is just as intense as the first. "

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3306d ago
UltimaEnder3306d ago

Loved the game, was kinda like the first one but still a great co-op experience and one hell of a scary/fun time.....nice review!

blitz06233306d ago

anything to make an exclusive score higher lol

Valkyrie833306d ago

Also a fan; would of scored a bit lower but still loved it...

Armyntt3306d ago

Was never a fan of the first one but thats me.

jeseth3306d ago

This is one of the games I would like to see on PS. Looks like more of the same but in this case . . .thats a good thing! L4D2 looks to be one of the best co-op games this holiday season.

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The story is too old to be commented.