Dear Capcom, This is What We Want in Resident Evil 6

BD Writes: You should be warned this article could probably be renamed to something along the lines of 'What I Want in Resident Evil 6, and why it really doesn't need a multiplayer', because I feel that a lot of the problems I have with RE5 stem from the series' recent foray into co-op play. So if you're of the mind that every game needs a multiplayer feature to be worth $60, there's a very good chance you won't be gleaning too much here (but I guarantee my occasional clever witticism still make reading this worthwhile). If you're like me and you feel that Resident Evil 5 let you down, you should definitely read on to hear me bitch and moan about what the game did wrong and how I think Capcom can fix it all with Resident Evil 6.

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Saaking3304d ago

I want to be able to shoot and move at the same time...or ELSE!

KyRo3304d ago

With the next RE they should make the Co-op feature unlockable so you would have to play the game alone at least once. RE Outbreak had co-op and that still scared the sh*t out of me. The Over the shoulder veiw point don't really work for RE.

They need to go back to its roots. I'd take Static Camera's, Slow ZOMBIES, lack of ammo and puzzles over RE4&5's third person action game with non zombies.

DevilVergilX3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

They should improve on shooting while walking or running, but after they work on the atmosphere. RE5 didn't feel like RE at all... Just some generic action game with a RE title... If they work on how to get the old feel back like there old games with you running from Nemesis all the time or overwhelming # zombies chasing you, and not having sh!t loads of ammo at your disposal then they can work on shooting while walking/running. But its really after Shinji Makami left thats when all their direction went to sh!t... cuz he was the heart and soul of Resident Evil.... RE1-4 had a awesome feeling when you beat it, even when 4 was easy it still had that intense feeling of "oh sh!t I am gonna die" at some points.
Co-Op REALLY ruin the RE experience with your partner killing EVERYTHIN for you.... even on hard mode I made the last boss my b!tch. I think they should just did what uncharted 2 did and have a AWESOME single player and a separate Co-Op AWAY from the story...
WTF did they do to JILL! and CHRIS!

UltraNova3304d ago

How about revisiting the mansion were everything started? RE1 anyone?
Bring those smart riddles and puzzles back, those exact elements that made RE what it is and forget the whole westernization process the last 2 titles have been suffering from.

sikbeta3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Since Shinji Mikami, the HEAD of Resident Evil series left Capcom, every Resident Evil Fan is really disappointed with what the Franchise is becoming, I'm saying this as a Person who enjoy Resident Evil DEAD AIM, the hybrid TP-FP shooter that didn't went anywhere as a game. Resident Evil 5 is not even close as what Previous games were, so in order to not keep destroying such a great IP, I ask you to FINISH it or JUST return to its ROOTS

Thanks in advance

P.D. By the way, RE5 SUCKS HARD and those On-Rail shooters are EVEN WORSE

SIKBETA, Resident Evil Fan who played:

Resident Evil 1 for PS1
Resident Evil Remake for GC
Resident Evil ø for GC
Resident Evil 2 for PS1 and GC
Resident Evil Nemesis for PS1 and GC
Resident Evil Code Veronica for DC PS2 GC
Resident Evil DEAD AIM for PS2
Resident Evil Outbreak for PS2
Resident Evil 4 for PS2 and GC

the worsts:
Resident Evil Survivor for PS1
Resident Evil Gun Survivor 2 Code Veronica for PS2
Resident Evil 5

And I don't counting:
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles
Resident Evil GaYden

zeeshan3304d ago

I hope this article makes it to the top here on N4G because then there is a chance that someone in Capcom might stumble across this. Resident Evil 5? There absolutely nothing scary about that game. Playing Resident Evil 1 and 2 in a dark room used to be a LOT of fun as there were some scary moments. Resident Evil 4 wasn't scary either but it didn't feel like a whole new game and most importantly, it didn't feel like a SHOOT 'EM UP video game while that's all that Resident Evil 5 feels. A shoot 'em up game with some stupid non-puzzles puzzles.

The person who approved the character design of Chris should have been fired! I am sure he wasn't but he should have been defenitely fired. He ruined the Chris's character making it sure that either Chris never comes back or when he does, Capcom will always get the negative feedback only because Chris looks like a steroid hungry WWE dude.

We should be allowed to run and shoot at the same time. Y'know what? Forget about a brand new game. The best Resident Evil 6 would be Resident Evil 1 or 2 redesigned from ground up with next-gen graphics. Yeah, I'll buy that day one!

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execution173304d ago

how about they do what RE4 was supposed to be, could of been better if they stuck with that

kalebgray923304d ago

Feeling scared.... just didnt feel like a horror game that scared you..... all the previous ones at least made you feel uneasy.... you cant do that in broad african daylight

3304d ago
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ico923304d ago

......but does anyone besides me think that capcom got lazy with RE5? i mean look at the level design they ripped it from RE4 they both start off in a village you then move through underground caves, you then fight a giant majin, you both use a boat to travel around this murkey lake,you then venture into catacombs, and re5 ripps re4 off with the final chapter taking place in a military level, they seriously got lazy. also there was not atmosphere in RE5 it wasnt a scary game

zeeshan3304d ago

Oh and I have got another idea. They should play Dead Space over and over again and try to copy the essence of Dead Space. I know Dead Space is not like THAATTT scary but you gota admit, the game did have it's scary moments. FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR better than RE5!!!

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kaveti66163304d ago

I want to fight actual scary zombies. I didn't like the environments and I didn't like the boss fights, and I think working together with another person made it less scary. Overall, I wanted a scary game.

skatezero2463304d ago

agreed RE5 was more of an action game with zombies and the resident evil name slapped on it

CuddlySandpaper3304d ago

This has got to be the best thing I've read all day and I completely agree with almostr everything.

I really REALLY hope Capcom reads this.

skatezero2463304d ago

couldn't agree more ... take out the crappy co-op and make a game with a scary campaign that keeps you guessing and on your heels until the credits role <-- that right there is what made resident evil so popular

mikeslemonade3304d ago

RE series is pretty much done. They need to make something new. Capcom isn't a very good developer anymore. They need to make bigger budget games that are being made by bigger development teams. They haven't made anything that deserves a 9 this generation. Combine the Devil May Cry team with the Resident Evil team.

skatezero2463304d ago

you know you have a good idea if the DMC and RE teams joined up I'm pretty sure they could come up with something that deserves at least a 9

pimpmaster3304d ago

your comment reminds me of metal gear and kojima for some reason... :o

lowcarb3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Capcom still has some great games out this gen minus RES5.

mastiffchild3304d ago

Wnd also a lot of lazy, half arsed cack ,lowcarb. DMC4 was crap, Dead Rising a good idea badly executed at best-same for the first LP too-and CTRD was largely indicative of a Wii catalogue that , MH3 and the two great ports of RE4 and Okami, aside, borders on the insulting filled with lazy lightgun RE and REmakes. Personally I don't think they succeeded THAT well with SF4-sure, it looks amazing and "woo hoo shiny HD makeover for Ryu and Chunners!" cool-but a few of the gameplay features just don't feel SF to me-e.g Focus moves, WTF? Seriously, I think Capcom hve been patchy at best , lazy at times and generally worse all round than last generation-DMC3>4, RE4>RE5 and so on.

As for the article-well I felt from the word go that they leant over backwards to fit around the "must have" co-op feeling to be frank and after [playing it through in SP and online the feeling e=remains. I don't mind RE controls at all but the forced co-op is a killer and playing with a mate is fun, and funny, but never Resi, scary or survival horror in the least. They neglected what made the series great and mase a mess of the most anticipated game this generation, imo. I don't know if the damage is terminal-tbh.

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