Blizzard in a Giving Mood

BeefJack writes: "hose looking to get into the World of Warcraft (or back in), would find now a pretty easy time to do so.

Visitors to WoW's main page are greeted by the above banner touting the game's 10 day free trial, which itself isn't new, but its prominence on the site is.

Phase two of Blizzard's dastardly plans, as reported by WoW Insider, include re-inviting certain inactive players back to the game with 7 days of free time."

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3304d ago

having the power of 10 approvals...

Simple things can be missed and need a second set of eyes.

Guitarded3304d ago

Although 10 more people with poor grammar and spelling might not be of much help. That appears to be the norm for most of the "gaming media" on N4G.

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