Amazon Black Saturday Gaming Deals

"The Amazon Black Friday Video Game Deals are still up (Black Saturday), and will be running through Cyber Monday!

You can check the Black Friday Deals Best Sellers List, or browse the deals by console (scroll down):

We will be updating the list as items are added/etc..."

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3220d ago
crocs3219d ago

Looks like Amazon is matching a lot of the Bestbuy $35 games deals as well...

3219d ago
Synex3219d ago

Bring Demon's Souls down to $35 Amazon!

pimpmaster3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

i got the ps3 w/ kz2 and infamous from there. good deal :) and best of all no waiting in line.

Bobby Kotex3219d ago

I don't understand why folks go to gamestop, but to each their own...
Midnight Club is mighty tempting for $20.

3219d ago
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