What JRPG's Need To Appeal to Western Audiences

DualShockers writes:

"There was a time when Western audiences ate up Japanese RPGs like candy - during the prime years for that genre in the mid- to late-90s. Perhaps back then things were simpler and we didn't expect as much. Maybe JRPGs seemed like novelty items - something rare, precious and different. They captured our imaginations with their deep, involving stories and amazed us with their graphical presentation. But, times have changed..."

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3302d ago
Timesplitter143301d ago

That and fix their character design

UltimateIdiot9113301d ago

Agree, don't fix what isn't broken.

Homicide3301d ago

"That and fix their character design"

Nomura ruined everything with his same old spikey-haired metrosexuals and excessive use of belts :( Amano FTW!

RememberThe3573301d ago

With that gone I'm fine.

Wait I'm also tired of the innocent girl. Like a girl surrounded by so much death could be innocent...

specialguest3301d ago

They need to quit with the metrosexual characters and go back to their roots. After FF7 (except Crisis Core), it seems like most of the characters became ultra metro.

sikbeta3301d ago

All of you have GREAT POINTS, but JPRGs are JRPGs, or more like you must be used to it, by quiting those points, doesn't assure me if it going to be a better game, after all the more important thing about RPG is the Story

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Bigpappy3302d ago

That is the short answer. The long answer is they need to look back at the Y's series. They were the first to move away from turn-based fighting in a separate screen. even though the fighting mechanics was very basic, it kept the game moving and me more engaged. Same could be said for the "Secret of Mana" series. In fact I would like to see both of those updated for Xbox Live Arcade". They need to go realtime and open the world for exploration. Allow the player to have some choices. FF is like Madden (New graphics, same gameplay for 20 years). I always start to play the loose interest after a few hours.

ReservoirDog3163301d ago

Cause FF XII (the most recent FF released) had the exact same gameplay as VII huh?

I hate when people say all FF are the same. Nearly all of them are different in their own ways. And you can only really change an rpg's mechanics so much. So it's similar but very different.

George Sears3302d ago

Just bring me more Demon's Souls type games. TBH I'm tired of the same emo characters in FF. The male protagonists have grown to be more and more transvestite that the only thing left was to make it a girl, and so it was finally realized in XIII. If the trend continues FFXV's main character would be a male Ladybug.

As for me, Atlus are the best when it comes to making JRPG's. Give me a Nocturne sequel and I'm positive I won't be disappointed.

iamtehpwn3301d ago

The emo characters and everything are what makes it drama,
I just think JRPG's need more entertaining elements that are refreshing, and interesting. And Great combat.

To me, The grand difference between Western RPG's and JRPG's is that Western RPG's give more Story control, and JRPG's give more Combat control. Focus on what the JRPG does best, compelling story combined with interesting gameplay.

The Great Melon3301d ago

@George Sears

Shoot, I have been looking for awhile now for Nocturne. The game came out before I became a big Atlus fan, so I didn't buy it at launch. I now generally buy things from them right when they come out before they tend to disappear.

Jerk1203302d ago

Less metrosexuality and androgynous males.

And less mass cliches.

iyc443301d ago

Less space marines and soldier fps'es with little to no story backgrounds.

And less boring same repetitive game-play.