The Case for Dialogue Options in The Legend of Zelda

Any fan of the Legend of Zelda series knows that character dialogue

is always very limited. Talking to a character will generally result

in the same responses over and over again. Not only this, but

characters in Zelda games will often speak to you and open their

hearts to you with no prior relationship of any kind.

Ever since the original Legend of Zelda game, character dialogue has

been very limited.Though it has evolved over time to be a little

more involved, characters in Zelda games continue to be very devoid

of much to say.

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3300d ago
LegendZelda3300d ago

Nothing like spam to ensure you that your article is like :)

kingdavid3299d ago

A dialogue system is now well and truly needed. We're in a new age now, and nintendo need to move with the times.

The_Savior3299d ago

Haven't you ever noticed that in most Japanese games, NPC's not related to the plot hardly say anything at all?

What's the point in giving a whole dialogue system to NPC's?

Bioware-style Dialogue systems are absent in JRPG's for a reason. They're POINTLESS.

Nintendo games are not SUPPOSED to be immersive. They're supposed to be FUN. A dialogue system would just weigh the game down.

Redempteur3299d ago

i fully agree with the savior ...

you're not supposed to be in command in jprgs're following the story line ..

On the contrary , in wrpgs your choices have impact because you're shaping the storyoutside the predestined path ...

a full dialog system in zelda is ..POINTLESS

if i see another article with comparison between fallout 3 and zelda ONE MORE TIME ....

COME ON ..can't you see they have NOTHING in common ?

3299d ago
ChickeyCantor3299d ago

I agree with KingDavid...
We are in a time where : "I laik picturzeeee reading is hard" is a standard.


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3299d ago
LegendZelda3299d ago

Why are you against adding more interesting things to a game to make them MORE fun. After I beat a zelda game for the first time I quickly press A over and over again everytime I talk to somebody on my 2nd playthrough. Its cause I already know what they will be saying. But if they add options then it would keep things fresh longer and I would not be so bored on my 2nd or 3rd playthroughs.

Games can be fun AND immersive. And they ARE supposed to be immersive if they want to satisfy their long time zelda fans. Being just fun is alright for casual gamers. But it takes more then that for the rest of us

Redempteur3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

are you sure this will make zelda more fun ?

I don't think that will be the case ..

i might be old school but zelda don't need to be something that isn't zelda .

i might even say that SOME PEOPLE enjoy fixed adventures .. ( fixed as one rich adventure from start to finish )

Offering branching paths will detract that experience BECAUSE that pacing will be lost . Zelda was always a huge locked world and the unloack keys were items and magic .it was all about exploration not branching points during dialogues ... i mean link is kinda forced by the gods to act as a bearer of the courage part of the triforce .

is he supposed to say NO when someone is asking for help ? Is that the fun you want to add in zelda ?

i was trilled to see ( since Oot to TP ) the changes you can make in the world you explore by your actions...

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The story is too old to be commented.