The Future Of Handhelds?

James Joell-Ireland from starts a debate on the future of handhelds and how he believes that the iPhone is really pushing the Nintendo DS & Sony PSP to re-think their strategy for the future. He also predicts the future for Sony & Nintendo, could he be right? He most certainly was about the Shannon Matthew case being an elaborate scam to make money! and that was before the police even guessed.

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FishCake9T43009d ago

As long as Ninetendo produce there handhelds to aim towards an older audience, the industry will keep ticking along because the Ipod touch is catching up fast to handhelds with its gaming capabilities. Look at the sales of the PSP.

tweet753009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

how many times over must apple improve its games on its platforms before it can over take nintendo and sony? Thats a big mountain to climb. "apps" just cannot measure up to a good psp or DS game. Im not holding my breath for apple as the leading game machine maunfaucurer.

BX813009d ago

Apple is lame can anyone recommend a good game that I can play on my IMAC? Thanks I tried WOW but couldn't get into it at all.

aplusjimages3009d ago

Until iPhone can create it's Mario, Sonic, Master Chief, etc. it can't compete. iPhone doesn't sell as many units as a DS and its because people serious about gaming will always buy a real handheld even if they have a phone that plays games.

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