PS3 Home: Orcs not welcome

Gamers hoping to create a green-skinned and generously fanged persona in PS3's social online hub, Home, will need to rethink their designs as the ability to sculpt any such far-fetched creature from fantasy land simply won't be catered for.

Home's executive producer, Peter Edwards, has explained that outlandish, non-human avatars definitely won't be a feature of PS3's ambitious online space. "It's not the Home ethic," Edwards told Official PlayStation Magazine. "If everyone's walking around dressed as orcs or stormtroopers or whatever, then you lose that welcoming, accessible element that means Mum, Dad and your sister might get involved as well. The idea is to keep it as accessible, mainstream and friendly as possible."

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SuperSaiyan43789d ago

Racially offensive to orcs and especially to storm troopers.

I am a Jedi Knight and find it upsetting that I will be discriminated like this especially since I own a piece of the dark side that is the PS3 lol.

Phantom_Lee3789d ago

I wanna dress up as a ninja...well....I can always walk around naked....

Leathersoup3789d ago

Before you know it they'll take away nekkidness too.

QuackPot3789d ago

AS SACK-BOY! LBP. the ninja one's going to one of the most popular.

dork07833789d ago

I can't even be myself DAMN!LOL

nobizlikesnowbiz3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Just goes to show you Sony sucks in the online department and Home is going to be garbage that no one will use.

EDIT: Lol 19 disagrees. I was jk droids don't get into petition mode on me.

Vojkan3789d ago

Yeah, those racists! i feel sorry for you ORC people, you are all so cute.... hahahah

Firewire3789d ago

How the f**k would you know? You don't own a PS3, and you will never see or be in Home, you're just a little xbot, that knows nothing about gaming. So f**k off, whinny little turd bot.

nobizlikesnowbiz3789d ago

Yea I'm whinning about playing good games now instead of looking at a glossy paperweight that does nothing but fold protein molecules. F**k you I'll buy a PS3 when it's worth it to buy a PS3-- meaning no time soon you f**kface.

Home will be stupid most likely with you little Sony droid nerds trying to have virtual reality butt-sex with eachother in your lobbies.

macalatus3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

"Home will be stupid most likely with you little Sony droid nerds trying to have virtual reality butt-sex with eachother in your lobbies."

We Sony droid nerds won't do that. You probably stick your thingy to your 360 while looking at a picture of Bill Gates (which would perfectly explains why you made that comment). So, you only need to worry about looking for some serious help. Freakin' sicko.

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THC PRITCHARD3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )


First of all Home is not for Kids Really come on

What are u all the lost boys

Home is not never never land Grow up!!

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