What Kind of Gamer are You?

GB writes: "Everyone has different tastes and preferences; some like guns, some like cars, some like sports. But what kind of gamer are you? If you are new to the gaming scene or just want to reinforce what kind of gamer you are, have a look at this guide."

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gameseveryday3275d ago

I consider myself as a hardcore gamer. Since I have been one when I started gaming. It started with sega and mortal kombat which was ofc an hardcore game and now with the ps3 and 360! So yes I am a hardcore gamer 4 life!

Saaking3275d ago

I"m a stealth snake. I really like stealth games.

toaster3275d ago

I'm a little bit of a mash up of Horror hound and Hardened.

I remember playing Silent Hill 2. That game was scared me sh*tless so many times it's not even funny. And it's not the "pop out and AARGOAR" kind of scary. It's the "Wow, do I really want to go see if those are fake legs or real legs under the bed?" or "If I shine my flashlight at them would they crawl towards me?" kind of scary.

I would play for a couple hours and then wait a week to play again.

randomwiz3275d ago

agreed saaking

I love stealth games mainly because of the tons of ways to complete a level, your not stuck on a linear path.

NoBias3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I'm a hardcore competitive gamer. Multiplayer gaming for me. Or pretty much anything with leader boards.

But I still buy all the huge single player games. Mass Effect is my favorite RPG/shooter and Uncharted 2 is my favorite single player linear experience.

MerkinMax3275d ago

I am an actual GAMER! I don't bash games I don't own or don't want. I have no concern about consoles I don't own. I play my games on my systems instead of wasting my time dissing them on the Internet.

FishCake9T43275d ago

Mate anyone who has played games since they were a little kid should call themselevs a hardcore gamer.

3275d ago
UltraNova3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I'm with you buddy!

BTW did you play Dead Space?

toaster3275d ago

I did in fact!! Great game. The atmosphere was incredibly spooky. And then shredding space zombies into little tiny pieces was fun too!

The Great Melon3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Anything but sports and some simulators for me. Liking almost everything is hard on my wallet. =(

UltraNova3275d ago

Great game indeed I've completed it on impossible last week and let me tell you that wasn't easy!

If you are a true horror game fun then must have played Fatal Frame as well! That game turned me into a horror genre addict! Imagine that weird sh:t happening in HD! dear lord...

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williamkenny3275d ago

I'm an armchair general! I love all the rts games, especially the total war frnachise.

table3275d ago

yeah I like to think myself as that too, it's just hard to pick a category when I like so many other titles that arn't RTS. For example, I'm a metal gear solid fanatic that loves footy games whilst thinking myself as being Alexander the Great.

Setekh3275d ago

Same here, Love the C&C Franchise and the Total War games.
I'll play pretty much any RTS game but I also like FPS games. Been playing Battlefield 2 for 4 and a half years and I'm still not bored of it yet.

baldguy713275d ago

I consider myself a "lifetime" gamer as Im 38 yrs old and have been plaing games since I was about 7 yrs old - so it's beyond a hobby, it's a lifestyle.

williamkenny3275d ago

Any particular genre you most enjoyed?

Why o why3275d ago

i play em all from point n click, rpgs and puzzle to shooters, driving and action adventure. Ive also been playing for eons. Every console and pc ive enjoyed has shaped my gaming palette and long may it continue

mastiffchild3275d ago

Well Baldguy, I'm with you on the age tip and I started even younger(just I think)playing the first coin ops in my mum and dad's pubs(SI, Astro Wars, Galaxians all the way through Pac Man to Donkey Kong!)and haven't ever really stopped. From a ZX81 through Speccy and C64 to the Master system NES, SNES, Magadrive, Amiga, a host of PCs, Amiga CD32, PSX, N64,Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2, GCN, Xbox, 360,Wii and PS3!Aand a host of the handhelds(didn't ever have a game and Watch mind!)including every Gameboy and TWO Gamegears!

As for what ,kind of gamer I am-I guess I'm an old, grumpy one that still loves gaming alone or with the missus and kids and like all kinds of games really-from Boomblox to early Sonic, Ico to KZ2, Retro to voice activated modern RTS like Endwar and FF to Mass Effect by way of Zelda, SF, Resi and Metroid-the only genre I've never really got into is the MMO but maybe one day I'll try again.

I really couldn't say I love this or that the most as I still get equally excited by a new Ratchet and Clank as a new FF! By MGS AND LBP and everything inbetween AS LONG AS IT'S GOOD and devent value made by decent people I'll play it! Some great games on the way and 2010 looks like a bumper year with no sign of this oldie slowing down!

Jeezus GT5 and GOW3 next year followed by TLG! I'd almost forgotten while thinking hpow much better the 360 line up looks than it did in 2009 and with Wii(Other M and a new SMG and Zelda!)and PC games aplenty it looks like a very busy time whatever you game on-and don't start me on the number of jrpgs i've got to finish on the PSP/DSi!

There's no milage in being a fanboy in years like the one comingand it's even difficult just honing your wanted list down to the bare essentials to limit yourself too tightly to one or two game types, imo. Thing is I think I loved playing Atic Atac and JSW on the Speccy/C64 as I do playing Crysis on my PC or MGS4 on PS3 or Gears on 360, MP3 on the Wii-it just shows to me that you can ennjoy whatever;'s there, and I'll repeat this, if it's good. Don't see any good reason why I'd ever stop gaming if I'm honest. What other pasttime offers you the chance to feel a little niit of what it must bne like to be so many different and amazing things from a caveman to a blob, a knight to an Elf or a space marine to a zombie or superhero? Even your favourite band or sporting hero these days?

The best bit is it'll only get more and more interesting, immersive and impressive from now on in. Vive la games.

3275d ago
baldguy713275d ago

love the Call of Duty series, GTA games and as I'm a musicain I love Rock Band - some sports gaems as well, Footbal (NFL, not soccer), baseball & hockey

ape0073275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

First person shooter,Third person shooter,Open world games(I looooove them),stealth games,2D platforming games,Horror,sports,3-d platformers,action games in general

and I really love online gaming,I like to own people,I like competition\heat It's so addictive,thank you xbl\psn

I was in love with 2d fighters but now not as much

I hate japanees rpgs,although I respect them and their fanbase(im not one sided prick)

I may fell in love with any western rpg,cause they have action,rpg elements and I like their style,mass effect 2 looks perfect to me,I always like a touch of RPG in my game like bioshock

I consider my self a lifetime gamer like what "baldguy71" said

I started playing when I was 4 year old,super mario bros has changed my life,now Im 22 and don't see myself stop playing games



peace guys and gals ;)

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