Left 4 Dead 2 Hits a Super Low Price

Xbox Lifestyle writes:

"It seems that Left 4 Dead 2 has been struggling at retail, with a UK supermarket cutting the price for the game in just over a week. This is possibly due to its release being very close to big hitters such as Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2."

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bot slayer3275d ago


Vip3r3275d ago

Too bad the PC version isn't that cheap.

Winter47th3275d ago

Looks like it was Left 4 Dead Alright.

kwyjibo3275d ago

Modern Warfare 2 was sold by the super markets from launch at £26. Is that struggling at retail too?

mingeater3275d ago

do people know how much uk supermarkets sell games for? like kwyjbo said. lol grasping?

then sees who posted this

lalalala3275d ago

@1.2 - Difference there is that MW2 was price cut BEFORE the game was released, in an obvious tactic to get more people through the door and make up money on groceries.

On the other hand this has been out for 8 days in UK, and has already been price cut, most likely because the game has been in very low demand. I mean £15! Why didn't they cut the price to £30 instead?

TheIneffableBob3275d ago

PC version was selling for $30 at some places.

DuneBuggy3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Yeah.Gamestop has L4D2 for $20 off right now.So that makes the PC $30 and the 360 version $40.
I recall getting L4D for 10 bucks off last year around this time there too.
Picked it up yesterday and its great.The levels are much more creative.

vhero3275d ago

Nothing to do with AC2 or MW2 its to do with its simply not as great of a game it feels empty as a game as its clearly made for mods like counterstrike. The fact its on 360 is stupid. Not surprised its not selling well as us Brits aren't as stupid as our American brothers.

iwillpwnyou3275d ago

Sony didn't want this game on playstation...

3275d ago
BWS19823275d ago

Vhero, please don't lump me in with anybody else from my country, we're not all mindless idiots. Many of us, like myself, will go extra lengths to let you know, yeah, we're out there and not like "them" just by commenting back to a claim like that... Blanket statements are one thing that Americans are belittled for making, so I'd like to be left out of them, as I refuse to make them about other countries or ethnicities.

I will take Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls over MW2 and L4D2 any day.

I wish some of my fellow "Yanks" would shut their mouths because they're ruining the image for all of us.

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GUNS N SWORDS3275d ago

it dropped down in the UK?

lucky guys.

IronFistChinMi3275d ago

I just ordered a copy thanks to this article. :)

Santa Hirai3275d ago

Desperation already it will be in the bargain bin by next week

AliTheBrit193275d ago

It has absalutely nothing to do with struggling at retail

Its to do with the ever going retail price wars.

Modern Warfare 2 was £36 ON LAUNCH DAY

Bare in mind its RRP was £55

So I guess MW2 was also struggling at retail LOL

Gullible fanboys :) ready to eat up anything

TheTeam063275d ago

I'm not sure you would have said that if this was Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2...

Don_Frappucino3275d ago

MW2 was £26 on release at Sainsburys

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